Elements of Traditional Indian Interior Designing


Interior Designing on the whole is a vast topic and the work involved is boundless as Creativity takes centre stage. Indian style Interior Designing is quite unique from the others as they have some interesting and artistic decor styles to work with. The Indian designing differs because of the diversity in the history, culture and art across the country. Hence, let’s look at the elements which prove to be decisive in Indian Interior Designing.

1. Compact Wood Furniture:

One of the most important elements in Indian Interior Designing is Compact and sturdy wood furniture. The Indian craftsmen make sure that they select traditional pieces with carvings, armrests, legs and inlay work in metal or ivory. The authenticity is maintained by the craftsmen to depict the Indian touch in their work. The ample variety of idiosyncratic Indian pieces provide the Interior Designers with extensive abutment in Designing.

2. Fabrics – Handmade:

The handmade fabrics in India is very famous for its aura and the historic acquaintance it is related with. The handwoven fabrics used in Interior Designing quite distinctive and embellishes the spatial area. Fabrics can be used in various ways such as drapes, bed sheets and clothes which creates a solitary product and adorns the space. Using fine fabrics like silk, cotton or jute can help bedeck the furniture pieces.

3. Statues and Paintings:

India is a country famous for its artistic flair in their paintings and statues all over the world. Some of the popular paintings in India are Bharat Mata painting, Shakuntala by Raja Ravi Verma and Rajasthani’s miniature paintings. Displaying the paintings as a gallery or a centerpiece depends from person to person as the perception varies. The home decor in India’s Interior Designing in incomplete without statues and religious idols of Ganesha or Saraswati, elephants,turtles and other famous choices.

4. Vibrant Colors:

The trademark of Indian Interior Designing are luminous and vibrant colours which has such a varied palette of colours. From walls, floors, chairs, tables and other items, the colours used can depend on their traits and this will definitely create a visual pandemonium.

4. Relaxed Spatial areas:

The relaxed and informal spatial areas designed in Indian Interior Designing is a very important obligation from the proprietors. The decor and vibe created by these areas propose calmness in numerous minds.

5. Artifacts:

The diversified artifacts and handicrafts are very influential in Indian Interior Designing as they provide an antique touch. Artifacts like decoratives boxes in sandalwood or marble, clay pottery and brass lamps are some of the popularly used.

6. Intricate patterns:

The convoluted patterns and motifs are imperative in Indian Interior Designing as they include the intricate mandala motifs, nature based themes with animals, flowers and the Indianized version of the paisley pattern. Most of these are added to the flooring or the walls to equip a unique finesse and style.


  1. Traditional decorative cabinets:

The aesthetics and functionality in the traditional decorative cabinets furnish a brilliant combination for the decor of the spatial area. The bright and embellished mirrors, stones, ivory or metal can enhance the look of your living room and set the moods of many.



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