Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Designing


Interior Designing is a field involved with ingenious skills and artistry. The planning of a particular spatial area should be sketched well before, to implement the plans accordingly. When it comes to Interior Designing, abundant time and money are spent in order to execute the designers vision. To help you conserve time and money, here is a list of do’s and don’ts in the field of  Interior Designing.

Do’s – Choosing the fabrics for your room should be the first priority as it’ll set the tone for your color story. Using art pieces will galvanize the spatial area and present it with a elegant look.

Making most of your lighting is very important as it should be planned well before because of how drastic the look and aura of a room can advance due to a well chosen light fitting. One such example is the beautiful mood which is conceived when a dimmer lighting is present.

Using different textures augments to the dimensions and interests of a room which impresses our visual senses and perceives a spatial area. Using dramatic colours in small spaces can enhance the decor of the room and make the tone heavy or dark because opting for dramatic and dynamic hues can grab lot of attention.

Placing accent items can help incorporate your visual thoughts and give the spatial area it’s unique style. For example, display a finesse collection of seashells or coral in your room. This makes the room quite refined and worldly.

Don’ts – The first and foremost thing to not do in Interior Designing is to provide breathing space for the furnitures and organize them, which will help the area look superior.

The next important thing is not picking your paint colour in the early stages of designing.  You have to decide which colours should be on your walls after looking at all the furniture pieces and decorative items placed in the room. It’s really a tough ask of finding the accessories or furnitures according to the tones you have used in the room and that’s the reason it’s very important to pick your colors at the end.

Mixing up lot of colours when designing can also be a bane because of the consistency and adhesive feel you want in the spatial area. Three or four colors can be the most as more can make the place feel clumsy.

Opting for minimal and small pieces of art or mirrors on larger spaces of walls will make it look indifferent. Embellishing the walls with unique art pieces spices up that particular spatial area.

These are the major do’s and don’ts in Interior Designing which can help embellish your space with beautiful decor and artifacts. Not only does it make your vision implemented but also gives a whole new angle to the decorum of your room.

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