Colours and Interior Design


Color, on the whole is very vast subject and without its presence the whole world would seem distinct in everyone’s eyes. That is the power and influence, color has in this world. In every field, Color plays a major role but in Interior Designing, it is a decisive element that is very imperative.


Several sequence of colors in your residence can actually portray varied shades of emotions such as intimacy, confort, drama etc. These emotions are inbuilt in our DNA and that’s why we respond to these different various colours within environment. The basic two types of colors or tones are Warm and cool. Cool colors like blue imbues a harmonious and placid environment whereas warm colors like red can give you the adrenaline rush instantaneously in the atmosphere.


According to the rooms in the house, the Interior Designer and the proprietor of the house should pick the combination of colors. It is said that there are more than 10 million identifiable colors in this world and the technology driven scenario has put forwards more series of colors. Some common colors acts as the base for any given combination and those colors are:


Blue: The color Blue is referred to calm and composure because of the color of water as it proposes a deep sense of harmony and contentment. In contrast to these characteristics, blue also indicates abundant and vast energy. Blue is also the most popular color in the world.


Red: Red signifies the color of blood, menace and aggression. It portrays leadership, focus and desire as the color of blood expresses lot of emotions and sentiments.  


Green: Green represents energy, hope, enthusiasm and implacable emotions. The aura of the color green signifies money and if you’re someone who desires success then you should have green around you. Contrasting to this, the mixture of green and blue proposes balance and stability in life.


Yellow: Yellow is a balanced color and a blend of warm and cool tones. This colour exhibits and evokes happiness, delight, knowledge, calmness and enthusiasm.


Pink: The color Pink is usually identified as a feminine color and exposes unconditional affection and love, intimacy and passion. Newly married couples can showcase pink color to ignite love around them and the older couples can use pink to reinduce their beautiful memories and emotions. On the whole, Pink is love and love defines life.


Purple: Purple defines creation, artistry and experiments as it provides you with a wonderful atmosphere of imagination. It indicates opinions and beliefs that propose the possibilities of life.


Orange: The color Orange helps in betterment of mood such as emotions like depression, anxiety etc. It exhibits optimistic beliefs and motivation that can elevate an individual’s mood and emotion. The Interior Designers use this color to ignite positive emotions across the residence. The combination of Purple and Orange is considered to be dynamic for ingenious individuals.


Hence, the power and contribution of colors in the field of Interior Designing is immense and without colors, Interior Designing will decease because of its importance.


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