DIY Hacks for Interior Decoration


Interior Decoration is a very cool act and some of the hacks which are going to be listed will definitely adorn the look of your home. These hacks will show you how you can make your home more practical and functional or how you can repurpose things. These can be fun and interesting as well as give a new look for your home.

Hanging your curtains with rope

Using ropes made of Jute can give a naval look to your interior decor as they result in providing a unique outlook to the area. They can also be used to hang your curtains or make rope tiebacks.

Painting the door

Painting the sides of the door with vibrant colors can give an subtle touch to the room. This can be a surprising and delightful idea.

Teapots to Vases

Teapots are some of the cute items which are adored by many. Turning them into vases with lovely shapes can make your house look embellished.

Decorate doors with ceiling medallions

Decorating your doors in home with medallions can be something unique. These can be used as elegant decorations and can be centred around the door knobs.

Painting the drawers and walls partially

Painting the sides of the drawers is another great way to add a unique touch to your space. Similarly, if you paint the walls of a room partially and leave a portion blank, it will make your room appear spacious and distinct. It’s a simple and neat trick you can use if your home has low ceilings.

Hanging a mirror behind a lamp

This hack allows you to make the room appear bigger and brighter. Using this hack in your living room or bedroom can make a difference as it will be different.

Decorate furnitures with nail head trim and marble contract paper

Decorating the furnitures like tables, chairs and sofas with nail head trim makes the accent piece look adorned. Marble contact paper or wallpaper can be used to decorate furnitures as it gives a unique look to the piece.

Using the window as a headboard

Beds are not usually placed in front of windows and this provides you with the interesting opportunity of using the window as a headboard. The curtains will add a nice touch if they exist.

Making a pom-pom rug

A pom-pom rug is a pretty simple project and can be used to embellish the bathroom or the entryway. You can even make a large pom-pom rug for your bedroom or living room to make it look better.

Decorating a wall with tape

Tapes can be used in much more ways and adorning a wall with it is definitely a good idea. In fact, painter’s tape can be used in a similar way and can make small individual decorations in key places.

Make your own light fixture

Though the ways to create elaborate chandeliers and stylish lamps are present, making your own simple light fixture like hanging a light bulb with a nice-looking cord can look normal but different.

Poke holes in a dark lampshade

If you have a lamp with a dark shade you can’t see through, then you can poke holes in it and create an interesting design. It will become visible at night, when you turn on the lamp. The result will be whimsical.

The above DIY hacks are some of the many that can make your home look great. Spaceterior presents all the interior design lovers a great opportunity to learn about all this by coming on board with us.


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