The Vibrancy Of Pondicherry Homes

Every city in India has its own identity with diverse culture and people within. The architecture, the ways of living and the overall outlook of the people becomes native to the place and its history.

Pondicherry is one such place with the French colony a part of it. The culture and even some of the places in Pondicherry reflect the french as there are parts in the city where french people live. Auroville is one famous place in Pondicherry which has a lot of french citizens.

Though french is a part of Pondicherry, the city comprises of a beautiful blend of cultures that has prevailed over the years. Hence, Pondicherry’s architecture is nicknamed Franco-Tamil architecture.

Interior Designing

Since Pondicherry is renowned to be a French settlement, the interiors and other factors relating it does acquire a French touch to it. The houses in Pondicherry have high ceilings and the furnitures inside are inspired from the Franco Indian furniture which possesses great comfort. The use of beautiful patterns for decoration and the engraved ivory pieces provide a completely fascinating look to your home. Organic materials like wood and metal are put into use while designing the interiors as they depict a authentic outlook.


Colour Vibrancy

The entire city depicts various colours as the traditional and ancient Tamil culture occupies half of the city whereas the french colony occupies the rest. Though there are house quite contrast to each other, several shades of yellow cover the Pondicherry homes. Other than yellow, the other colours which dominantly prevail are peach and white as they are used for the interiors & exteriors. In roads and other unique places, shades of blue and indigo are used. The Belgian glass fitted in several windows have a become a unique style in this french mixed city.


The Pondicherry Homes

The city can be divided into two important zones, both architecturally as well as on the basis of living manners and habits. The French settlement of Pondicherry still portrays a number of colonial-build houses and influences the city. The significant characteristics of the french styled homes were the adorned front gates and the lovely interiors which portray the richness of the French.

The other Pondicherry homes are completely contrast to the French as they acquire the traditional elements in their houses. Elements such as the verandah, garden and some of the Tamil styled interiors have been established there with beautiful greenery all around. To be specific, Thengai Thittu in Pondicherry is a wonderful and natural place to go when you want complete relaxation as the place is surrounded by amazing scenery and freshness.



The Franco-Tamil style of Pondicherry homes have both French and Tamil character to it as the arch openings and adorned pillars are some features these homes have borrowed from French style. The Tamil counterparts would be the use of elevated dais and incorporation of verandas that looked onto the street.


Pondicherry homes are incomplete without beautiful and scented Bougainvilleas. These flowers are just perfect for hanging down from the terrace or for lining the entrance steps. The essence of nature, amidst a bright yellow and white building takes you to a French setting altogether, a picture perfect locale.

Certainly, Pondicherry is much more beautiful than some of the other cities as the blend of Tamil and French culture gives the place a uniqueness. It is certainly the place to go when you want to discover variety in Interior Designing and Architecture.

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