How to use Sketchup for Interior Design ?

SketchUp is an 3D modeling application that helps you to edit 2D and 3D models. It is a program used for a wide range of 3D modeling projects like interior design, architecture, video game design etc. It’s push and pull method is a very easy tool for the users as it allows the designers to extrude any flat surface into 3D Shapes.

The software has surface rendering and aids third-party plugins. The software has all the applications inbuilt like interior design, landscaping etc. As far as interior designers are concerned, SketchUp is the most easy and extensive tool for their use as it eases their work. They have the luxury of creating all the designs without much hazzles as all the tools are present in the software and this is the reason SketchUp got more users.

Currently, SketchUp is widely used by interior designers and architects as it proves to be very easy to use and the 3D generation and views are easy when compared to other softwares like 3D’s Max and Revit. The VRay plugin inbuilt in it produces realistic renders which makes it widely acceptable.

You can easily tell that SketchUp is the most flexible tool for use as you can build anything you like, to any scale, any dimensions, metric or imperial measurements with great accuracy. Visual dimensions can be added to the models and anything can be measured with a digital tape. Any kind of color, text can be added and you can clad or render models in any material from SketchUp.

Therefore, SketchUp proves to be very helpful map making building and interior designing which makes the users life very flexible and easy.

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