Interior Design is a combination of art and science as it involves lot of creativity. From lighting to colour choices, everything can be of impact to how a home feels. Some facts were quite intriguing for us when we went through them. We thought it would be amazing if you guys knew these facts too.

Lighting could affect an individual

Lighting of a room can have an effect on your body and can even rattle the sleep cycle of your body. This might lead to stress and sleep deprivation which is very dangerous to your immune system. Lighting plays a major role in boosting your sleep, and that’s why it’s better to keep your home lighted in a balanced way.

Inspired by things around us

Many amazing interior designs are inspired by everyday things and nature which creates uniqueness in the art. The difference is immense when the right space and wall are designed the way you choose it to be. Wood and marble are also some of the things from which wall panels and coverings are inspired. Using natural products can make the space look biodegradable which is not common nowadays.

Interior Decor and Interior Design – NOT SIMILAR

Interior design and Interior decor are not similar and are completely different. But many people think that they are the same and it’s just about selecting a decor or furniture. No, Interior designing and Interior decor have different properties and have their own set of characteristics. Interior designing is about designing a space with visual aesthetics and evaluating the area. It is very important to know that the space you are in can give you different moods. As said earlier, Interior decor is about selecting a decor or furniture for the space you’ve designed and doesn’t come under Interior designing.

Eco-friendly products

Designing your space with eco-friendly products can make a huge impact on the environment. Not only does it add to the visual design but also is sustainable. Other factors like quality, low cost, energy efficiency and recyclability are added benefits when you use eco-friendly products.


Several colours and tones can have a good impact on the emotion, and mood of an individual as it is proven that colours play a major role in an individual. Colours like orange are said to be used for concentration whereas Pink and red are used for spreading love. Blue is seen as a color which gives calmness and white for peace.


Interior Design is often referred to be very modern, contemporary and state of the art. But it doesn’t have to be that way always because simple and effective looks can be more attractive. It depends on how the designer works on his creativity and the materials he has. It is always said that simplicity can make a major impact and certainly for the field of Interior designing, it can be very effective as the imagination of a sophisticated and stylish room is getting out of fashion.


Natural products have the ability to last long and their potential is amazing when compared to the products made from cheap materials. One more benefit is that it is very environment friendly and can be a very fashionable inclusion to any particular space. The durability and the life time of the product have also been increasing which is giving the designers more confidence on using natural products.

These are some of the facts that you should definitely know if you are into the field of interior designing. Spaceterior is very glad that it can give out many such information which can benefit the students and people around the globe.

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