How to design your living room ?


Your living room is one of the spaces where you hang out the most. If it looks cramped or messed, you’ll feel very irritated to spend time there. With just smart styling, you can make your living room look completely different than what it was. Let us look at some points to design your living room,


Painting your walls and floors white can lit up the area as it looks fascinating than most colours. With white all over the space, coloured furniture can make the area look big and spacious. You can also augment the area by adding a gallery wall with wide-matted art and white frames.


Creativity should be the priority when the area looks small. The thought of pushing all the furnitures up the walls can be avoided to implement something different. The area will look wider if you have space behind the furniture. One such example could be the desk, where you can turn it into a dining table.


Everyone wants to feel cozy and comfortable while resting and that’s exactly what is needed in a living room. Keeping seating close together and having a soft rug can do a world of good. Choosing a large rug in bold pattern can also be of great impact to your room.

Light Curtains

A small living room can be scaled up in size by having light curtains which help in maximising the light. If you are able to match it to the wall color, then the entire space will look much better and bigger. Similarly, if you are able to hang the curtains above a window, it can add height and airiness to the room. Using extra fabric can make the room complete.

Dramatic Colours

The backdrop can be made classy by adding dark and glossy walls. If you have a small space, you can use to it to your advantage by adding dramatic colours which makes it unique and different

Smart Lighting

Select lighting that can be hung or attached to the walls which can save floor space.


Make sure you use artwork to expand the size of the room, which will look amazing to your eye. A gallery wall might consume space for a small area but it can also make the area look bigger.

These are some of the methods to design your living room. Implementing these methods can make your living room look spacious, colourful and cozy for you to relax and take rest.


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