The city of Mumbai is going to witness the first Indian Pod hotel which is going to be a milestone for India. The capsule hotel provides accommodation for travelers who need a hotel to rest for a night or two. It is to be noted that pod hotel’s can be affordable and it puts emphasis on the use of space. Now, let’s look at the pod hotel in Mumbai which is a combination of space, affordable living and a European like atmosphere.


This Urbanpod in Mumbai consists of 140 rooms and pods that come under three unique heads. The classic pods are single occupancy pods which have amazing facilities like free Wi-Fi, USB ports, personal locker, personal TV and beautiful mood lighting.


Every classic pod guest receives baggage lockers outside the pod and also a complimentary breakfast. 12 to 18 pods are located in a large room and those are for women only. The next category is the private pods which posses extra space when compared to the classic pods. Other than space, all the facilities inside the pod remain the same. The last category is the suites where double occupancy spaces are provided with a window-facing queen sized bed.


The Urbanpod also provides two business centre desks where the guests can work if necessary. The cafe there serves as a food joint and a place to relax and enjoy with your family. This Urbanpod hotel is located near the Seepz Bus Depot in Andheri East, Mumbai. They occupy the first floor of the Opus Park, a commercial centre.


The rise of travellers have increased over the years and such hotels which are self-sufficient and cost-effective can be an amazing boon for the travellers. Pod Hotels are definitely going to expand in India and will be of great help to all the travelers and foreigners who visit India.

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