Everybody wants their rooms to look spacious but the fact that they posses a confined space doesn’t help. Though the space you have is not big, you can make it look substantial by implementing some hacks that can enhance the outlook of your room. By playing with furnitures, color and lighting you can augur the look of your room and also make it look spacious. Let’s look at some of the hacks which can be put into action.


Selecting soft and cool colors can help a space look open and breezy. To be precise, milder tones of greens and blues would be of extensive impact. Using a monochromatic color scheme and choosing colors that are in the same color family could be of considerable advantage. Cool colors and delicate warm colors on most surfaces give the room a more distinct look. Similarly, it is absolutely significant to have furnitures which match  the wall colors as it tends to blend with the space.


Light plays a vital role in the look of a room as a well-lit room can look spacious and vast. It doesn’t matter whether it is done by natural lighting or artificial lighting. Adding more lamps, installing recessed lighting, opening up windows can help in lighting up your room better. Similarly sheer fabrics allow light to pass through table covers, bed skirts and curtains which could also be used to lighten the space.

Clean Space

It is very important to arrange things neatly as a small space will feel cramped when too much stuff is occupying the place. When things are in order, the space will look open and tidy.

Reflective materials

Having large framed mirrors on the walls of your room always makes the space look larger than usual. The light and space will be reflected for a more open feeling, and the room looks very cavernous.

Open the way.

In many rooms, furnitures & accessories block the lighting which tends to make the spaces look cramped & small. You can open up the space and make it larger by moving out furniture away from the walkways. Choosing short pieces of furniture like open chair, low table, etc. can also make the room bigger.

Create height.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving provides a considerable storage and heightens your space. Identically, if you can hang long curtains from the wall, the space between the ceiling and floor will look ample.

Extend the room with the right flooring.

Having the same type of flooring from one area to another can help in making space. This hack can be very effective in your rooms as the same flooring can make the house more spacious.

These are some of the ways to make a room feel bigger. So, stop worrying about having a compact space and try to implement these hacks.

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