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Any student considering Interior Designing should be able to dream, learn, conceive and construct. Do you know what Spaceterior’s goal is? To help these passionate students augur their skills and make sure their dream comes true. We at Spaceterior make sure that these students build a strong career for themselves by placing them in a well-reputed company after they complete their course.

Now let’s look at some of our very own testimonials, which has made Spacterior feel overjoyed.

Hussain Sheriff

Hussain Sheriff is a strong-willed and resolute man who wanted to achieve something great in the field of architecture. He joined Spaceterior and completed his Diploma in Interior Architectural Design in 2018. Currently, he is working as a project coordinator at Design Integrated, Business Bay, Dubai.

He said that “My days with Spaceterior has been very significant in making me the man I am now. With high-quality lecturers and amazing facilities, they have given me specialized training and have helped me enhance many facets of my characteristics like communication skills, leadership, teamwork, etc. I thank them for developing me in both the professional and personal front”.

Navaneetha Kannan R

Completing his Civil engineering degree in Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College in the year 2015, Mr. Navaneetha Kannan R was always passionate about Interior Designing. That’s when he found us and has now completed his diploma in Interior Architectural Design. We are very happy to tell you all that he has been placed in the reputed Grass-Root Design Company currently and is doing very well in his career. This is what he had to say about Spaceterior

“One among the best institutes to explore new ideas and to improve the way of thinking along with experienced faculties”.

M Narendran

Mr. M Narendrean had always dreamt of being an architect, even when he was doing his B.E Civil engineering at KCG College of Technology. When he passed out in the year 2017, he felt the need to go for his passion and joined Spaceterior. By 2018, he completed his Diploma in Interior Architectural Design and now is working with a reputed organization. This is what he had to say about Spaceterior.

“Just keep on inspiring more aspirants and bring them out of the square so that they can pursue their passion. I am a firm believer of perspective, it matters a lot in life”.


Kiran was an individual who always had a passion for architecture and fantasized being an architect one day. Though he had a degree in civil engineering, his love for architecture led him to Spaceterior. In the year 2017, he did his Diploma in Interior Architectural Design before getting placed at Concept Kitchen, a well known architectural firm.

Kiran said that “I have learnt a lot from doing this Diploma in Interior Architectural design, which was a 6-month course. I thank Spaceterior and their faculty members for their effort to give us an opportunity to create a bright future”.

Tamilselvan SM

From his childhood, Tamilselvan always wanted to do something creative and as he grew up he found architecture to be very interesting. Though he had to do complete his B.E civil engineering degree, his eye was on becoming an architect. After he received his degree, he joined Spaceterior and completed his Diploma in Interior Architectural Design in the year 2018. Then he immediately joined the University Technology in Malaysia for higher studies. His words about Spaceterior was very heartening as we always wanted our students to be happy.

He said that “ Spaceterior is one of the best institutes in Chennai to learn Interior Design. I feel blessed to have learnt architecture from such amazing faculty members. Gaining practical knowledge and experiencing many industrial visits, training, and workshops have helped evolve in this field.

Mohammed Numaan

Mohammed Numaan was one of Spaceterior’s best students and always had the spark of doing something remarkable in the field of interior designing. Once he completed his interior designing course he immediately got placed in Design Qube, one of the most reputed companies in the field of interior designing. This is what he said about Spaceterior,

He said that “ Spaceterior has changed my life and has helped me recognize my skills. The environment of the institute not only helped me imbibe knowledge but also has developed my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members, especially Mrs.Rufaida mam and Mrs.Vanathi mam for their support. I feel really blessed to have been part of this institution and I’ve been placed in a well-reputed company just because of what I’ve learnt here”.


Uvais was a very determined person and he always wanted to become an architect. That’s when he joined Spaceterior and did his Diploma in Interior Architectural Design. By the year 2018, he completed his course and worked in Concept Kitchen as an intern. Since his work was impressive, he got placed there soon after his internship was over.

He was very pleased with Spaceterior and said that “ I would like to thank Spaceterior for their contribution towards my career. The faculty members were amazing and have brought out the best in me. This was an awesome journey because of the friends I got in this place”.


Spaceterior is an institute which comprises of amazing faculty, great infrastructure and more importantly cares about the future of their students. With all these about testimonials by students, you would have now understood the quality that Spaceterior possesses. So, if you’re passionate about architecture or interior design then Spaceterior is the Institute for you.

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