How to become an Interior Designer? This question revolves around several minds, but the fact here is that many don’t have an answer. An Interior designer needs creativity and artistry to festoon a particular space. When such characteristics are present in an interior designer, the spaces are functional and fashionable.

An Interior designer sketches designs for a space considering color, lighting, furniture, fixtures, and more. They often collaborate with civil engineers and architects to complete a project. They also use a computer software like SketchUp to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional sketches which aids them in visualizing the process of designing.


If your heart is on interior designing, then this is the path you should choose as interior designing requires undivided interest. When you’re passionate about interior designing, the artist in you jumps out like a child. If you’re an individual who is excited about colors, decorations, lightings, etc, then interior designing is the career for you.

Identifying Your Skills

Identifying and analyzing your skills is very important to understand the level of your ability. Let’s look at some of the skills which are necessary,

  • Good Imagination
  • Communication skills
  • Color Sense
  • Design skills which include computer-aided softwares
  • Project Management skills

Learning Through Courses

If you’re passionate about interior designing, the first thing you should do is to join an interior designing course. You need a degree in Interior Design to get yourself a secured position in this competitive industry. Subjects like architecture, fine art, and graphic design are also considered if you’re looking for a career in Interior Design. Spaceterior, one of the top interior designing colleges in Chennai focuses on helping its students evolve into a successful interior designer. With amazing faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Spaceterior gives you the perfect platform for making your career as an interior designer big.

Communication Skills

Your communication skills should be very good in order to have a successful career in interior designing. Meeting your client’s expectations is very important, and you need to have the patience to understand and fulfill what they ask for. 


Interior Designing is a skill that everyone can’t possess as it needs certain qualities like creativity and vision. Your passion for interior design is important, but the hard work you put in has a major impact on your future as an interior designer. Pursue your Interior Design career with Spaceterior and live your dream.

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