If you’re looking for a curated collection of the best interior design tricks that are both inexpensive and require minimal effort, you are in the right place. From adding mirrors to visuals that complement your interior spaces to improving your room’s ambience through colour and lighting, here are the top five home interior designing tips.

Brighten to Broaden!

Let’s say you’ve just moved into a new, compact 1 BHK house where you want to maximize your living space. Just put in as much light as you can inside to make the room look bigger than its actual dimensions. Painting walls with light colour and hanging wide mirrors to reflect more light into the room create an optical illusion of wider space.

Create an identity for your space

Similar to how you change the appearance of your clothes, you should change how your furniture’s appearance too. With slipcovers, you can channel your furniture’s energy as per the seasons or events you organize. Go for slipcovers that throw sophistication when hosting a party or go for something cooler.

Engage wicker baskets

Lack of storage space inside the house is a traditional headache every house owner suffers from. Wicker basket is the best solution for hiding such an unsightly clutter as they are both elegant and economical. Stack your baskets on top of kitchen cupboards but make sure that their colours mix and match.

Learn to turn trash into treasure

Bring the items that you have not used much out from your drawers as you may find some old things that might go well with your new place. Every home comes alive with the accessories which have been designed exclusively in wooden decor, metal acrylic, and such.

Personalize your walls

If you Google ‘cheap interior design ideas’, you would come across some online vendors who sell quality wallpaper. Nowadays, there is a range of styles and textures you can choose from without breaking the bank with the help of the internet. Giving your room a dynamic charge of colour by using wallpapers can also give them unique characteristics.

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