Romance is an integral part of everybody’s life, and who wouldn’t want a room that looks romantic, especially if you are couples. Romantic interior designs involve elements like filtering light through sheer curtains, placing floral arrangements and using soft bedding. These ideas can make the room feel passionate, tender and pleasant, which is perfect for strengthening relationships.

So, are you ready to augment your room with romance? Here are some amazing tips for you.

Romantic Scheme of Colors

Floral patterns and pastel color schemes are romantic elements that can be used on furniture, bedding, walls, rugs, etc. Your room can also be embellished with accent pieces, mirrored chests, and lamps. Colors like red, light purple and pink are great choices for your interior designing ideas and enhance the look of your room. Using delicate and lace home fabrics in your bedroom can set a romantic mood as well.

Decorating Styles

Adding a touch of romance to traditional decorating themes like French Country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, etc can prove to be very effective. Painted/vintage furniture, silk/satin bedding, painted/vintage furniture, and floral patterns are some of the accessories that provide a romantic vibe.


Oh!! How well romance and glamour connect with each other. Just imagine your bedroom being very romantic and glamorous, fascinating isn’t it? Incorporating silk headboards, fun accent pillows, appealing textures, and dazzling lighting fixtures are some options to increase the passionate look of your room. Vintage furniture, silky sheets, and muted colors are also a few other options.


The look of a room can have a strong impact on people and appeals them to spend time in it. Unique art objects and pieces of furniture that match your style can make the room elegant and refined. Similarly, lighting your room with some candles can make it cozy and warm.

Bed Decor

A bed is the center point of every bedroom design and some things like plush pillows, beautiful blankets, soft natured textiles, comfort mattresses fill up your room with romance and harmony.


Romantic Interior Designing needs a sense of fascination to induce a passionate feel into your bedroom. The ideas stated above can help you in embellishing your bedroom into a romantic place where you and your partner will feel high on love. Learn such unique interior designing skills at Spaceterior, the best interior design institute in Chennai.

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