The youngsters of today are more or less confused about choosing careers and they definitely want to do what they like. The unconventional is the trend today and we’re going to look into the top 10 alternate careers that can give you decent pay as well as be unique. These careers are super interesting and give you the opportunity to explore a whole new dimension.

Interior Designer

Before we talk about the wide range of opportunities in this field, let’s talk about how interior design is a world of excitement, uniqueness, and adventure. Basically, Interior Design is the art of beautifying a space to make it look aesthetically pleasing and fascinating. Having good knowledge of fabrics, colors, and furniture is very essential in your path of making it as a quality designer. 

The scope and market for Interior Designers is growing at a very rapid pace with better financial rewards and flexibility in the working schedule being a major plus. There are also different roles as an Interior Designer where you can specialize by choosing anyone. The 5 important skills required for Interior Designing are Budgeting, Spatial Awareness, Creativity, Technical Knowledge, and Time Management.

Social Media Manager

The surge of Digital Marketing needs has become so important for brands to connect with their customers and target audience. This is where the role of a Social Media Manager becomes pivotal in orchestrating and refining the brand’s image on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Individuals who excel in creativity and management skills can make a good career in this field. The primary duties of a social media manager is to tap the skills of staff and bring out a collective and quality output.

Fashion Designer

The youngsters of this generation are raging about a career in the Fashion Industry as it brings new styles and designs to the forte. The role of a fashion designer is to do wide research and optimize the use of resources. 

The industry presents a wide range of opportunities for aspiring fashion designers and they have the luxury of working in wide environments. A team of designers team up to create a style or trend that appeals to the masses.

SEO Analyst

The online world is a very vast platform and digital marketing doesn’t contain itself to just marketing and tech skills. To be specific, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial element of any digital marketing program. So, what does an SEO Analyst do?

An SEO Analyst is a skilled professional who designs and implements social media strategies and does SEO for websites to be found easily in search engines like Google. If you have strong tech and analytical skills in marketing and advertising, then choosing this job might just be perfect.

If you have strong analytical skills, love technology, and have skills in advertising and marketing, then an SEO analyst job might be the perfect fit for you.

Content Writer

Content Writing is a skill-based career and it requires proper grammatical and English knowledge to excel in it. The demand for quality content writers has been on the rise with digital marketing proving to be effective for several brands. 

The one very important quality to become a successful content writer is to write regularly. Web Content Writer, Blogger, and Script Writer are some of the career opportunities that are in demand in this millennial. 

Graphic Designer

The rise of visual content has seen an upward curve and that’s one of the main reasons behind the demand of Graphic Designers today. The role of a Graphic Designer is to plan ideas and communicate the message visually. 

There are several career opportunities under Graphic Designing such as Multimedia Designer, Logo Designer, Creative/Art Director, and Photoshop Artist that you can choose from, according to your skillset. Knowledge of design softwares like Coreldraw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is very important.

Event Planner

Pursuing a career as an event planner has become a trend among the youngsters of today because of the enormous scope it offers. Events and gatherings are a very important part of our lives and making it special can be a memorable experience. Event planners organize a well-planned event according to the preferences of an audience and make it unforgettable.

Execution, budgeting, and planning are three important factors in Event Management and you should be precise about it.

Video Editor

Attaining success as a Video Editor cannot be achieved overnight but refining your skills and learning some tools can get you there. The job of a video editor varies from place to place, but the basic requirement of editing videos, placing transitions, is common. Some of the softwares like Lumen5, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere Pro are very important to learn. 

The wide range of opportunities present in the field of Video Editing can augur your chances of being successful, but being imaginative and techno-savvy is a must.

Public Relations Representative

Helping your client to attain and maintain a positive reputation among the public is your primary objective as Public Relations Representative. Analyzing the audience and strong writing skills are the two important skills that are required in this field.  If you’re an extrovert, a strong communicator, and a social buff, then PR can just be the career to give a new meaning to your life.


Designing the entire look of a website is the essential requirement of a web designer and the demand for high-quality websites is very high. There are endless opportunities for skilled web designers who can create stunning websites that can rank high on search engines. You can also tap into your creativity as it is a growing industry and get familiar with exciting technology that can make life interesting for you.


The above-mentioned career options are different from the regular jobs but these also require some ability and networking skills to progress and grow in life. Just have a look and you can definitely identify one or two of your strong skills that lead your path into one of these careers. All the Best!!

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