How to Re-design your Home ?

How to Re-design your Home ?

                   Redesigning homes is not tough like before as the technology over the years has made this art easier. Since the internet also has a dynamic impact in today’s scenario, the redesigning of one’s house has paved an easier path.


Ideas are very important when you need to redesign your house and they can be inspired or your own thought. Some Ideation tools like Zillow Digs allow you to access tens of thousands of home renovation projects and lets you choose from that to redesign your house. Apps like these is a great way to boost your creativity.

Color Balance and Material

Selecting the right materials and colors for the exterior of your home is important as the right combination will help your design get together. When choosing the colors, selecting a single color strip from two shades can make your house look perfect. For the hover or other small areas, you can use the third color to give a contrast accent to your space.


Everybody should know about the difference between cost and value before they redesign or renovate their spatial areas. So, some technology platforms ensure you get the right value on your home redesign which is a major boost for you.


Landscaping plays an major role in augmenting the look of the house as they improve the appeal of your area. Just take a photo of your property and then choose from more than 12,000 objects, from fountains,bushes,trees which suit your place.

Good Contractor

The most important thing while redesigning your home is to find a good and reputable contractor to help you remodel your home like what you want and that too with quality. You can even check other online reviews before choosing and asking them to work on your home.


Some platform offers contractors detailed exterior measurements of your home that they can use to quickly provide you with a fair and accurate estimate. If your contractor isn’t already using it, bring them into the know on time- and cost-saving apps which are available on the internet. These apps gives you a chance to make sure that your ideas are in sync with your contractor. It can be difficult, costly, and perhaps even impossible to make changes once construction has begun so the sooner you can get on the same page, the better the project will turn out.

There are many ways to redesign your house and some of the best have been identified and presented you in this blog. Spaceterior focuses on such projects and helps people redesign, renovate and even design their homes on a completely amazing quality.

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The Vibrancy Of Pondicherry Homes

The Vibrancy Of Pondicherry Homes

Every city in India has its own identity with diverse culture and people within. The architecture, the ways of living and the overall outlook of the people becomes native to the place and its history.

Pondicherry is one such place with the French colony a part of it. The culture and even some of the places in Pondicherry reflect the french as there are parts in the city where french people live. Auroville is one famous place in Pondicherry which has a lot of french citizens.

Though french is a part of Pondicherry, the city comprises of a beautiful blend of cultures that has prevailed over the years. Hence, Pondicherry’s architecture is nicknamed Franco-Tamil architecture.

Interior Designing

Since Pondicherry is renowned to be a French settlement, the interiors and other factors relating it does acquire a French touch to it. The houses in Pondicherry have high ceilings and the furnitures inside are inspired from the Franco Indian furniture which possesses great comfort. The use of beautiful patterns for decoration and the engraved ivory pieces provide a completely fascinating look to your home. Organic materials like wood and metal are put into use while designing the interiors as they depict a authentic outlook.


Colour Vibrancy

The entire city depicts various colours as the traditional and ancient Tamil culture occupies half of the city whereas the french colony occupies the rest. Though there are house quite contrast to each other, several shades of yellow cover the Pondicherry homes. Other than yellow, the other colours which dominantly prevail are peach and white as they are used for the interiors & exteriors. In roads and other unique places, shades of blue and indigo are used. The Belgian glass fitted in several windows have a become a unique style in this french mixed city.


The Pondicherry Homes

The city can be divided into two important zones, both architecturally as well as on the basis of living manners and habits. The French settlement of Pondicherry still portrays a number of colonial-build houses and influences the city. The significant characteristics of the french styled homes were the adorned front gates and the lovely interiors which portray the richness of the French.

The other Pondicherry homes are completely contrast to the French as they acquire the traditional elements in their houses. Elements such as the verandah, garden and some of the Tamil styled interiors have been established there with beautiful greenery all around. To be specific, Thengai Thittu in Pondicherry is a wonderful and natural place to go when you want complete relaxation as the place is surrounded by amazing scenery and freshness.



The Franco-Tamil style of Pondicherry homes have both French and Tamil character to it as the arch openings and adorned pillars are some features these homes have borrowed from French style. The Tamil counterparts would be the use of elevated dais and incorporation of verandas that looked onto the street.


Pondicherry homes are incomplete without beautiful and scented Bougainvilleas. These flowers are just perfect for hanging down from the terrace or for lining the entrance steps. The essence of nature, amidst a bright yellow and white building takes you to a French setting altogether, a picture perfect locale.

Certainly, Pondicherry is much more beautiful than some of the other cities as the blend of Tamil and French culture gives the place a uniqueness. It is certainly the place to go when you want to discover variety in Interior Designing and Architecture.

Spaceterior gives you the insights of such wonderful and unique designs of various places like this and propels your idea on how Interior Designing should be. Get along with us, to get to know more about Interior Designing.


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The Interior Design trends over the years has been evolving and the current trends are very innovative. Geometric designs, bold colours and using unconventional places as the focal points are getting highly received by the people. Natural materials are used to make the  rooms feel inviting and bringing back the trends from the past is also considered a popular technique. Now let’s look at the several types of designs which are dominating the Interior Designing field.


Textures featuring velvet and leather are the current trend and attract the eyes of the people. They warm the spatial areas like bedrooms and living rooms. Patterns have also started to flourish in the interior designing field but it is more abstract and figurative.

Unconventional Places of Focal Points

Earlier, walls and furnitures were used as focal points of a room but the current trends involve the ceiling and the exterior space of a door.


The tradition of using white for most of the rooms have faded away and people are now opting for more distinct and bold looks. As time passes by, bolder and brighter colours will be used by the designers when designing a spatial area. Some of the colours which are liked by people are cactus green, burnt orange and peacock blue. The Metallic colours used are also progressing from gold to brass and nickel as it gives the space a more organic look.

Unique Ceilings

The trend of leaving the ceiling walls blank and making it the focal point is the current style, as the people have the options of putting a wallpaper, tile or even painting the ceiling with their own ideas.

Some trends are making its way back to the field of Interior Designing as they are being welcomed by the people. Some such trends are,

Terrazo – Marble Stone

The marble stone called ‘Terrazo’ was very popular during the 1970’s, but fell away due to various reasons. Now in the year 2018, the same marble stone is being well received and is one of the most unique material used while designing a space.


Decor is a very important part of Interior Designing as it embellishes the space and gives it a more gleaming look. Plants are one among the most used decor options and brings the life of nature indoor. For instance, more plants will have multiple colours in their leaves, such as green with white veins, rather than just green. The next decor option that is used more frequently is the placement of Vintage pieces. Since the current trends of Interior Designing involves bolder colours and other innovative concepts, the placement of vintage pieces gets along with the design. Comfortable Furnitures are the ask in today’s interior design and the people are making sure that they get the furniture they want.  


The demand for spa- like bathrooms is the trend now as the people’s interest in such a luxury is high. Unlike the other spaces which involves vibrant colours and rich textures, a spa like bathroom possesses one coloured tiles and earthy tones. They will also have other amenities to make more of a spa experience.

Wood and Stone

As a means of bringing in the natural, materials such as stone and wood are used. These materials are used quite often in interior design, but you can also expect to see more dark hues in the wood. The white-washed wood look has been on trend in the past, but the warmth of darker tones is becoming more popular.

Trends can come in and out, but 2018 is going to be a year of varying patterns, bright and bold colors mixed with unconventional neutrals and focal points. Spaceterior focuses on paving the path for these young aspiring interior designers by giving them insights & knowledge about interior designing. They update their students with the current trends and enable them to know about what the people demand.

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How to use Light to Standout in Interior Designing.

How to use Light to Standout in Interior Designing.

Lighting has become a very special part of Interior Designing as the current trends involve the use of different lighting setups to beautify their spaces. Knowing everything about lighting and spending tons of money on it doesn’t give you the feel you want. Lighting requires little bit of knowledge and the basics of functional & decorative lighting to embellish your place the way you want. Though Lighting on a whole is a element, it has its divisions such as:

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is a unique type of lighting where it adds a gleam to make your paintings, sculptures, architectural features and other precious artifacts stand out. This type of lighting is done by making use of a bulb which is no more than 3 times as bright as the other general lights.

General Lighting

General lighting involves the basics of lighting to illuminate an entire spatial area for safety and visibility. These basic lightings can come from both up and down as the light bounces off walls and ceilings to cover much area. Recessed lights and track lights are down cast lights which are placed below the ceiling or wall whereas the up-cast lights like  wall sconces and torchiere point illumination towards the ceiling. Some lights like the table and floor lamps are both up- and down-lights because they cast light toward both the ceiling and the floor.

Decorative Lighting

Among all the other lighting options, decorative lighting is the most exciting type of options because of the creative and innovative thought process involved.  Decorative lighting creates a lovely mood and makes you feel the relaxed atmosphere around. Unlike flat lighting in places like your office, decorative lighting gives you a sort of high when you plan on relaxing. A decorative lighting scheme has variation in light levels and sources that indicate what the rooms are designed for or what a room’s focal point is.

Creating focal points with chandeliers and pendants is a trendy way of making use of decorative lighting and gives you a unique feeling. In a dining room, for example, a chandelier placed over a table draws attention with its soft upward-cast light. A pendant light used over a table, however, casts a more concentrated light downward and out.

Lighting needs to vary its intensity to accommodate multiple activities that occur in a single room as a living room lighting will not be appropriate if a party is scheduled to happen in the same space.

Task Lighting

Work Lighting, also known as Task Lighting lights up the places where intense lighting is needed. The usage of higher per watt bulbs helps you to boost general lighting problems as overly bright lamps won’t make up for it. Some of the examples in this category are   well-positioned recessed lights, track lighting, pendants, table or floor lamps, and under-cabinet lighting strips.

The importance of lighting in today’s environment has proved to be very dynamic and the current trend of using the light factor to enhance the interior designing has paved an innovative path for the field of Interior Designing. Spaceterior makes sure that their students get richly acknowledged with up to date interior designing trends and propels their career.


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