Major Differences Between Interior Designers & Interior Decoraters

Interior Designers and Interior Decorators do have major differences between them and each field is quite varied though they sound the same. In fact, people confuse themselves with the thought of Interior Designing and Interior Decoration being the same which is definitely not akin. The personal interest and mental communication involved in Interior Designing is definitely much more than Interior Decorating.

The artistic skill of creating working spaces to beautifying and furnishing spaces is the basic difference that they feature between them. The qualities that Interior Decorators possess can also be possessed by Interior Designers but the same can’t be said vice-versa for the fact that their functional properties have their particular traits.

Interior Decoration involves adorning a working space by embellishing the decor but the effort required both mentally and physically is comparatively less because of the properties Interior Designing possess such as creativity in conceiving a whole working space in their mind and planning it for action.

Both, Interior Designers and Interior Decorators require formal training to perform in a proficient flair but since creativity is involved in the vision, formal training is just an added advantage. Though Interior Decorators need no certification and qualifies mostly by his own genuine uniqueness, as said earlier professional training gives a lot more proficient knowledge and an Interior Decorators may choose to work on either residential or commercial projects unlike an Interior Designers. But, when it comes to Interior Designing, being certified at a repute Interior Designing Institute is very crucial for the one’s devising a career in this field.

The aesthetic appeal to an spatial area is given through Interior Designing whereas the Interior Decoration involves in garnishing and gracing the spatial area. An Interior designer involves himself in interpreting the nuances of the domicile so that, the designs go hand in hand to the plan. He takes full responsibility in ensuring amendments for sound, lighting and other primary requirements so that when the building gets completed, all the required properties are present inside the building as per the vision of the designer or the residents.

The role of an Interior Decorator materialises when the construction is completed and he enables the vision of the residents by enhancing the outlook and feel of the interiors by showcasing his skills. Interior Decorating skills involve flooring, furnishings, accessories and colours that are crucial in a decorative aspect.

Though Interior Decorators research and analyze on similar things as Interior Designers, the roles aren’t similar and doesn’t involve installing services, moving walls and planning utility and safety etc. This is really the main difference as the Interior Decorators are exclusively concerned with decorating the built spatial areas.

These are the essential and fundamental differences between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators which can differ the two functionally.

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Demand for Interior Designers

Demand for Interior Designers


 The Demand in case of any field is present according to its requirement and the growth of that particular occupation. As far as Interior Designing is concerned, the ingenious skills required is prominent because of the field that demands creativity. An Interior Designer should definitely believe in his vision which helps his work being productive and evolves his sense of style. From understanding the colours and lighting aspects  to designing an entire building, being an Interior Designer can be quite solitary because of all the innovation booming up.

The recent years have helped in the surge of Interior Designers due to the vast escalation in residential and commercial spaces. People are looking out to make their spaces innovative, functional and prioritize comfortability which is the reason for the demand for Interior Designers. Though the occupation doesn’t have a fixed schedule, the Interior Designers do reap fruitful amount of work because of the emphasis people give on the design and pattern of their working and residential space.

The reason for the rise of career opportunities is growing population which ultimately leads to increase in residential and commercial places. Due to the Interior Designers having their own preferences working according to their styles, the career opportunities are splurging as well. Some prefer residential designing while some prefer to work on commercial spaces and public buildings.

The criteria for becoming an Interior Designer, unlike other occupations doesn’t require formal training but  undergoing courses helps in understanding the ethics of the field and to stand out among others. But essentially, the basic criteria required is a good portfolio and creativity which more or less helps you out while planning out your visualization.

Though the crux of Interior Designing involves colors, fabrics and furnitures; there is lot more to Interior Designing which definitely looks lot more like work. The knowledge of the structural integrity of buildings, building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD) does contribute largely to your vision of Design.

The process for an Interior Designer is very calculated because of the amount of time the designer needs to prepare before they execute what they have in their mind. They’ll have to meet the client’s requirements as well as design according to the building regulations through proper research and a calculative budget.

The future prospects of career opportunities in Interior Designing looks really promising and the job percentage is expected to grow at a rapid pace because the opportunities has become lot more vast like designing malls, cinema halls, hospitals, gyms, restaurants etc. Further, they will have to communicate with effective workers to help execute his vision of the space.

Therefore, the demand for Interior Designers has increased over the years and currently it is one of the most fruitful careers for the ones who depend on their artistic flair.


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Top 5 Indian Interior Designers you can follow.

Top 5 Indian Interior Designers you can follow


Interior Designing is a field with creativity and innovative skills at its peak. From an empty space of area to an highly mesmerizing interior, the skills possessed by the Designers and the aesthetic sense needed to propel the outlook of an environment is some expertise. Check out the Top 5 Indian Interior Designers prevailing the Industry:


  • Tanya Gyani:

Tanya Gyani is an Indian Designer whose productivity of work is spread across the world in several countries. Born and raised in India, She graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India and completed her Masters in Interior Design from Florence. Her experience of working in Dubai, Hong Kong, US and India has served her with ingenious and top knotch skills and has brought a global prospect to her style of interior designing. Floral Designs, Interior Design and Product Design are Tanya’s strongholds in Interior Designing. She was the Chief Interior Design Consultant to DLF; one of India’s top real estate developers and on exemplary leisure properties like Manolias, Aralias and Queen’s Court.


  • Ambrish Arora:

Ambrish Arora has an experience of 30 years in the Interior Designing field and primarily is interested in the role of design in the society. Being the member of the CII National Committee on Design, he is the executive board of the Jawahar Kala Kendra, and currently working on co-founding a new School of Design. During his working career, he trained and worked as a boat designer before he switched to Spatial Design. Along with Sidhartha Talwar and Ankur Choksi, he founded Studio Lotus in 2002 which was acknowledged as a thought leader in the country for their work in the domain of Architecture and Spatial Design. Its work has been internationally-recognized – winning among others: the World Holiday building of the year at the World Architecture Festival & World Architecture News awards, the Creative Reuse Category Winner – INSIDE Awards at World Architecture Festival Berlin and several other awards and recognitions.


  • Sunita Kohli:

Sunita Kohli, born in Lucknow did her schooling at a Roman Catholic convent and graduated in English Literature from the Delhi University. Though she is an autodidact with no formal training in design, she was awarded the Padma Shri in 1992 and was the first Indian to give an illustrated lecture at the prestigious National Building Museum in Washington DC in 2003. She is also the President of K2INDIA and a research-based interior designer who is an honorary co-expert consultant for the Integrated Development of the Samadhi Complex in New Delhi and the Samadhi to the late former Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur. She was one among the top rated interior designers in India in 2015 and one of her most reputed projects is the restoration of Rashtrapati Bhawan in 2016.


  • Rajeev Sethi:

Rajeev Sethi is quite a known figure in the Interior Designing Industry and an art curator as well. He is well known for his phenomenal designs across the world and is South Asia’s leading designer who has been credited for his creative contribution to preserving and celebrating the subcontinent’s rich cultural heritage. His experience of more than 35 years has helped him evolve his skills in a much more innovative way with a touch of traditional fragrance towards the art. The worthy years he spent in Paris, mentored by designers like Ray and Charles Eames and eminent Gandhians like Mrs Chottapadhya and Pupul Jayakar who encouraged him to direct his talents to India. In the year 1960,  he designed Delhi’s first discotheque, Cellar at Regal Building, Connaught Place and was also the curator and founder-chairman of the Asian Heritage Foundation. The Art Walk at the brand new T2 terminal in Mumbai was also a special contribution towards the field. In the year 1986, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India


  • Sussanne Khan:

Sussanne Khan, an Interior fashion designer and entrepreneur is a well known figure in the industry for her scintillating works. She obtained an Art Associate Degree in the interior designing in 1995 from the Brooks College in USA and started her career as a interior designer by the year 1996.  In the year 2011, she got along with a fellow interior designer who is also a well recognised film producer, Gauri Khan to launch The Charcoal Project foundation in Mumbai, which is the first interior fashion design store in India which is also considered as the most popular design store in India. The uniqueness in her work is because she  uses metal, wood, natural fibers, concrete, geometric patterns embellishments which are subtly woven together to create what she calls quiet luxe and her signature style. She believes that luxury is all about emotion and design is her forte.



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Open House 2018

It was the year 2011… we started SPACETERIOR with an objective to create top-class interior designers.

It’s so fulfilling and proud to see our students shine in the field of design & architecture over the years.

To mark our 7th anniversary, we’re organizing OPEN HOUSE to showcase our recent student projects, and launch into the future with smart homes and AI.

I welcome you all to the OPEN HOUSE this Sunday at our campus. You could learn and experience design fundamentals, meet our recent students, explore career opportunities, or just say hi to encourage us.

For those aspiring to become interior designers, we are having on-spot registration with attractive one-time offers. They will also interact with the alumni and current batch of students in our campus, and network with architects at the event.


Event Details

Name: OPEN HOUSE 2018 by Spaceterior.
Date: 1 July 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Venue: Spaceterior – 84E/7 Sampoorna Avenue, Vadapalani, Chennai 26

Activities planned for the day

  • Seminar on Nex-gen Smart Homes
  • Student Projects Display
  • Employment & Placement Cell
  • Showcase of Student’s Journey
  • High tea and Networking


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Industrial Visit to Tisva Lights

You could have the best interior decoration in the world but unless you have made provisions to light it; it could disappear into oblivion. Tisva goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed with love to illuminate contemporary homes. Tisva is an addition to the diversified portfolio of Usha […]

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