Unlike the conventional book based systems, we believe in scientific, practical and professional techniques.

Our Virtual courses include multi-user screencast, advanced security and protection, real-time presentations, live streaming, and much more!

Master Diploma
(1 Year)

Students learn to create beautiful and effective residential, commercial, and industrial designs. Graduates of this program will have a portfolio to showcase their designs.

Diploma for Civil Engineers
(6 Months)

This program introduces Civil Engineers to design principles, color theory, space planning, drafting and industry-standard software.

Certificate in Interior Design Fundamentals
(6 Months)

This program is for teenage students to learn the fundamentals of Interior Design & Decor, along with industry-standard software.

(30 Days)

These will be high-intense crash courses that will get you proficient in various Interior Design & Architecture softwares.

NATA / JEE Coaching
(15-30 Days)

This will be a high-intense crash course that will get you prepared to crack the NATA/JEE Exam and pursue your dream career as an Architect.