Interior Design is a very significant part of everyone’s residence and the interest they have towards it is more or less high. Each individual tries to present a unique look, irrespective of their social status or financial aspects. This pertains to Celebrities also, as they are the ones who are very much interested about their residence’s visual aspect. The personality of a person reflects in the looks of their house and that’s why the importance given is grand. So, let us look into some of the famous Indian celebrities whose home’s interior designs enthralls many.

Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai

Salman Khan is one of the renowned Bollywood celebrities all over the world and is quite popular for his personality and fitness. His residence is quite distinct from the others as his house is full of memories. He has been living in Galaxy apartments for the past 40 years with his family and is quite sentimental. His residence includes many luxurious spatial areas such as a lounge to have food with family, a star living room, a place just for evening tea, an elegant bedroom, his own make up room and a Gym as well.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Villa

Sachin Tendulkar, also referred to as Master Blaster, God of Cricket etc is one man who was a blessing to Indian Cricket. He is such a perfectionist and believes in being superlative in anything he does. This Indian Cricket god has one of the most posh and impeccable residence in Mumbai and is known for enormous space and complex interior designs. It is said that the color contrasts and interior astonish people and is a wonderland for children. Some of significant spaces are: the sophisticated living room, a garden area with unique artwork, shell house with amazing interior designs, Jungle themed living room, master’s room and an exclusive kitchen.

Rajinikanth’s House in Pune

Everybody in India knows about the superstar and his aura. Many just grew up watching his movies and even treat the man as God because of the distinct style he acquires. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in Asia and his residence in Pune is nothing less than heaven. The interior designing inside the house is flawless and is considered to be one of the finest in India. The natural panorama surrounding the house is exceptional and the worldly interiors are very unique. The residence is incorporated with an elegant looking bedroom, a dazzling living room, a huge passageway and an exquisite outlook to the place.

Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat

The King Khan of Bollywood, also known as Badshah of Bollywood is one of the hugely popular stars in the entire world. Shahrukh’s Mannat is considered to be nothing less than a palace. Shahrukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan is herself an Interior Designer and she designed the exquisite interiors for the place. The Mannat has a combination of antique and modern looks as the interiors are simply fabulous. Gauri has added objects of art in most of the areas to augment the looks of Mannat. Some of its astonishing designs include: living room with art at every corner, book’s palace, drawing room with a classic room, beautiful interiors and a Mannat terrace.

Interior Designing is an artistic flair that impresses many and the interest to portray your spatial properties alike your vision needs patience. These 4 celebrities have put in lot more than patience and that’s the reason, interiors of these celebrity homes are popular.

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