Interior Designing has risen to prominence and the passion has grown rapidly over the years. Some are inspired by the legacies of designers who’ve made a hard impact on the field of interior designing. 

How to apply the timeless design lessons to the modern spaces? This question is very common among designers. 

Let’s delve into some of the best designers around the world who’ve made interior designing their forte. Get ready!!

Alberto Pinto

Whatever the style, I love eclecticism. What is important is the volume, the space and the light.” A famous quote by Alberto Pinto.

Alberto Pinto is a man who discovered his passion for interior designing at a young age. He was a person who started designing on his own and called his style a mix of cultures. His designs were impressive, unusual and simple. He was considered as one of the elite in French Interior Design and focused on entertainment in his journey.

Elsie De Wolfe

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful—that will be my life.” – Elsie de Wolfe

Known as the mother of Interior Design, Elsie De Wolfe is a famous Interior Designer who introduced several elements like slim furniture and light-hues walls to the designing world. She invented modernism in design and was a fearless dissentient for decoration. The famed redesign of the Colony Club located in Manhattan was one of her noted works.

Jean-Michel Frank

“Throw out and keep throwing out. Elegance is elimination.” – Jean- Michel Frank

The designs conceived by Jean-Michel Frank were instilled with simplicity and characterized by subtle textures. Till date, his neutral color pallette and aesthetics is one of the most popular muses for designers.

Tony Duquette

“Scavenging is my passion, instead of drinking or gambling.” –Tony Duquette

Tony Duquettewas a man of artistic freedom across several fields like set design, jewelry, set design and decorating. He cherished and enjoyed maximalist rooms and chaotic interiors. His signature works were grandeur and captured the heart of Hollywood. A noteworthy information here is that Elsie De Wolfe was a long term patron of Tony Duquette.

Billy Baldwin

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” – Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin was one of America’s first designers and preferred silk and durable cottons. He imbibed the American spirit and his works were simply fabulous.  He had a very unique style of artistry that had made people astounded.

Sister Parish

“Behind every attractive room is a good reason.” – Sister Parish

Sister Parish is a very popular interior designer whose Kennedy White House Design was a masterpiece. She storied elegance for the modern apartments, quaint for the country house and had her unique style of buffalo check and rag rugs. Parish joined hands with Albert Hadley and forged a new brand of design that is still talked about by many people. Her works were truly special because she always followed her guts.


The Interior Designers mentioned in this article have revolutionized the Designing industry and has changed our perceptions of how we look at spaces. There are more such amazing designers who’ve had a special impact on this field. 

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