One of the most significant elements of Interior Designing is Flooring. The importance is such that it can make or break your space with ease. It has a major impact on the overall Interior Design and adds to its effectiveness. If the flooring is impractical or wrong, the overall design may not function to its potential. Basically, the foundation of your design depends on how well you execute the flooring. Let’s look at the 5 aspects of flooring that are important,


The room size and the flooring size should be proportional in order to maintain a solid balance. The size of the pattern has a significant impact on the room size as it has the ability to make the room look smaller or bigger. Making use of smaller patterns can help the room look larger.

Form & Pattern

Patterns in flooring refer to the decorative art that is present on the surface of the flooring whereas form refers to the flooring material’s shapes like rectangle, square etc. They are very closely associated with the materials of flooring as they signify their style.


Generally, the flooring materials have several concerns and the texture plays such a critical role due to the impact it has on the room’s ambience. To bring in a formal effect to a room, the flooring material can be delicate and glazed whereas a rough and uneven texture can give a natural appearance. You also need to understand that texture affects safety as slippery surfaces can be dangerous while roughened surfaces help to prevent slippery on wet surfaces.

The Right Design

Flooring has a major impact on the appearance and feeling of a room either as a neutral setting or as the dominant feature. Comfort becomes a key factor here as flooring has a direct impact on it. Basically, Interior Design is a composition of attractive elements that display a beautiful living space.


One of the most powerful elements in design is color. The effect of colors has a major impact on our moods and can trigger our feelings. Generally, lighter colors help in augmenting the size of the space whereas darker colors make the room look smaller. A floor design is a composition of patterns, scale work, colors and texture. They form to become one element that dominates the space.

Flooring Styles

The flooring styles in Interior Design are generally divided into two components such as the formal and informal styles. 

Informal Style – They represent neutral form, asymmetrical patterns and curves.

Formal Style –  They represent symmetrical pattern straight lines, geometrical figures and angles.


Flooring is generally considered to be one of the last resorts in Interior Designing due to its surface. People think more about the walls and other elements that need artistry. But if you carefully look at all amazing designs, you will find that the flooring is done with perfection. This is because of the large surface that has a major impact on its visual perspective and conditions. Therefore, flooring is a major factor in Interior Designing.

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