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Benefits of Preferring Interior Designing Courses

Interior Designing is a field of uniqueness and creativity where an individual visualizes the adorned area. Everybody thinks of a career in Interior Designing because of the artistry involved. It should also be noted that the students of the current generation have started picking Interior Designing as their profession.


An individual can be exceptional in understanding textures and placement of home decor, but it is not enough to cause an impact in Interior Designing. The individual should be able to use technical drawings, interior designing tools and advertise their services to cause an effect in such a competitive field.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons to choose an Interior Designing Course.

Career Prospect

The Career prospects of Interior designing are evolving rapidly because of the home owners who desire luxurious, unique and creative homes. Their want of adding aesthetics to their house has grown tremendously. Hence, choosing interior designing as your career is an excellent option.

Lead the way

The duties of an interior designer are far more distinct when compared to the regular office goers. Nobody wants to sit inside an office and work all day. This is why Interior designers love their job as they have a mixed exposure of working inside and outside the office. Moreover you are the boss here, and you don’t need to follow any rules.

Getting Exposed

The exposure you get in Interior Designing is amazing because of the profession’s nature. Having a career in this field directs you to work with engineers, architects and also lets you interact with several clients from unique industries. This can augment your career as you can get knowledge on various subjects.


Interior Designing is a field where you can test your creativity and technical skills. You’ll have to face many projects that have different infrastructures such as office spaces, restaurants, bar, etc. This can be a challenge for every interior designer but it will also have a big impact on their grown as an interior designer.


Doing something you want to do can make you feel completely satisfied because of the love and effort you put into it. After all, bringing positive changes to people’s home is genuinely a rewarding job.


Interior Designing doesn’t stop at one point as you need to constantly develop your knowledge and re-create designs which are fresh and attractive. If your work is creative and peculiar, people will get more attracted to it.

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India’s First Pod Hotel


The city of Mumbai is going to witness the first Indian Pod hotel which is going to be a milestone for India. The capsule hotel provides accommodation for travelers who need a hotel to rest for a night or two. It is to be noted that pod hotel’s can be affordable and it puts emphasis on the use of space. Now, let’s look at the pod hotel in Mumbai which is a combination of space, affordable living and a European like atmosphere.


This Urbanpod in Mumbai consists of 140 rooms and pods that come under three unique heads. The classic pods are single occupancy pods which have amazing facilities like free Wi-Fi, USB ports, personal locker, personal TV and beautiful mood lighting.


Every classic pod guest receives baggage lockers outside the pod and also a complimentary breakfast. 12 to 18 pods are located in a large room and those are for women only. The next category is the private pods which posses extra space when compared to the classic pods. Other than space, all the facilities inside the pod remain the same. The last category is the suites where double occupancy spaces are provided with a window-facing queen sized bed.


The Urbanpod also provides two business centre desks where the guests can work if necessary. The cafe there serves as a food joint and a place to relax and enjoy with your family. This Urbanpod hotel is located near the Seepz Bus Depot in Andheri East, Mumbai. They occupy the first floor of the Opus Park, a commercial centre.


The rise of travellers have increased over the years and such hotels which are self-sufficient and cost-effective can be an amazing boon for the travellers. Pod Hotels are definitely going to expand in India and will be of great help to all the travelers and foreigners who visit India.

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What are some ways to make a room feel bigger?

Everybody wants their rooms to look spacious but the fact that they posses a confined space doesn’t help. Though the space you have is not big, you can make it look substantial by implementing some hacks that can enhance the outlook of your room. By playing with furnitures, color and lighting you can augur the look of your room and also make it look spacious. Let’s look at some of the hacks which can be put into action.


Selecting soft and cool colors can help a space look open and breezy. To be precise, milder tones of greens and blues would be of extensive impact. Using a monochromatic color scheme and choosing colors that are in the same color family could be of considerable advantage. Cool colors and delicate warm colors on most surfaces give the room a more distinct look. Similarly, it is absolutely significant to have furnitures which match  the wall colors as it tends to blend with the space.


Light plays a vital role in the look of a room as a well-lit room can look spacious and vast. It doesn’t matter whether it is done by natural lighting or artificial lighting. Adding more lamps, installing recessed lighting, opening up windows can help in lighting up your room better. Similarly sheer fabrics allow light to pass through table covers, bed skirts and curtains which could also be used to lighten the space.

Clean Space

It is very important to arrange things neatly as a small space will feel cramped when too much stuff is occupying the place. When things are in order, the space will look open and tidy.

Reflective materials

Having large framed mirrors on the walls of your room always makes the space look larger than usual. The light and space will be reflected for a more open feeling, and the room looks very cavernous.

Open the way.

In many rooms, furnitures & accessories block the lighting which tends to make the spaces look cramped & small. You can open up the space and make it larger by moving out furniture away from the walkways. Choosing short pieces of furniture like open chair, low table, etc. can also make the room bigger.

Create height.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving provides a considerable storage and heightens your space. Identically, if you can hang long curtains from the wall, the space between the ceiling and floor will look ample.

Extend the room with the right flooring.

Having the same type of flooring from one area to another can help in making space. This hack can be very effective in your rooms as the same flooring can make the house more spacious.

These are some of the ways to make a room feel bigger. So, stop worrying about having a compact space and try to implement these hacks.

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Top Tips to organize your bedroom.

Among all the spaces in your attractive home, an organized bedroom can freshen up your mind because that’s where everybody starts and ceases their day. Optimizing the functionality and aesthetics of the room can make a considerable difference to the look of the room.

Keeping Tidy

Maintaining everything tidy can augur the look of your bedroom by miles. Making use of a drawer and arranging them according to your accessories can make the bedroom look organized.

Maximizing wall space

High-up bookshelves are perfect for storing beloved past reads and other items you don’t need super easy access to. Wall cubbies are a modern way to display knick knacks.


The color should be contributing to the room as it can have an impact on a person staying there. Be it the color of your cupboard or wall, it should get you into a relaxed mood. Again it depends on the preference of an individual. Arranging everything in your closet by color codes can also make it easy for you to pick out what you want.

Using Headboard space

Make sure you take advantage of your headboard space by having shelves for everything in your room.


Don’t let waste pile up next to your bed. Depending on how much stuff, you have, opt for shelves, drawers, or just a simple table.

Storing items under the bed

Many individuals don’t consider this space much but this an ideal storage place for keeping bags, bedsheets and other things. The modern benefit in beds is that some of them come with built-in-storage which could be of great us.

Clean vanity

You can make your own bedroom vanity from a vintage desk. Keeping it organized and using everyday items like stands for displaying perfume, makeup and small dishes for other accessories.

Footboard storage

Utilizing the space at the foot of your bed can be of great additional storage. Cubbies and baskets are amazing options of footboard storage. A chest or ottoman are chic and ideal for storing blankets, linens, and out-of-season wardrobe items.


If you need work space in your bedroom, your nightstand can make double duty as a desk. Look for a minimalist model and pair it with a small chair.

These are some of the tips to organize your bedroom and keep it great shape. An organized bedroom can make an individual feel relaxed and make him at peace.

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7 Facts You Never Knew about Interior Designing

Interior Design is a combination of art and science as it involves lot of creativity. From lighting to colour choices, everything can be of impact to how a home feels. Some facts were quite intriguing for us when we went through them. We thought it would be amazing if you guys knew these facts too.

Lighting could affect an individual

Lighting of a room can have an effect on your body and can even rattle the sleep cycle of your body. This might lead to stress and sleep deprivation which is very dangerous to your immune system. Lighting plays a major role in boosting your sleep, and that’s why it’s better to keep your home lighted in a balanced way.

Inspired by things around us

Many amazing interior designs are inspired by everyday things and nature which creates uniqueness in the art. The difference is immense when the right space and wall are designed the way you choose it to be. Wood and marble are also some of the things from which wall panels and coverings are inspired. Using natural products can make the space look biodegradable which is not common nowadays.

Interior Decor and Interior Design – NOT SIMILAR

Interior design and Interior decor are not similar and are completely different. But many people think that they are the same and it’s just about selecting a decor or furniture. No, Interior designing and Interior decor have different properties and have their own set of characteristics. Interior designing is about designing a space with visual aesthetics and evaluating the area. It is very important to know that the space you are in can give you different moods. As said earlier, Interior decor is about selecting a decor or furniture for the space you’ve designed and doesn’t come under Interior designing.

Eco-friendly products

Designing your space with eco-friendly products can make a huge impact on the environment. Not only does it add to the visual design but also is sustainable. Other factors like quality, low cost, energy efficiency and recyclability are added benefits when you use eco-friendly products.


Several colours and tones can have a good impact on the emotion, and mood of an individual as it is proven that colours play a major role in an individual. Colours like orange are said to be used for concentration whereas Pink and red are used for spreading love. Blue is seen as a color which gives calmness and white for peace.


Interior Design is often referred to be very modern, contemporary and state of the art. But it doesn’t have to be that way always because simple and effective looks can be more attractive. It depends on how the designer works on his creativity and the materials he has. It is always said that simplicity can make a major impact and certainly for the field of Interior designing, it can be very effective as the imagination of a sophisticated and stylish room is getting out of fashion.


Natural products have the ability to last long and their potential is amazing when compared to the products made from cheap materials. One more benefit is that it is very environment friendly and can be a very fashionable inclusion to any particular space. The durability and the life time of the product have also been increasing which is giving the designers more confidence on using natural products.

These are some of the facts that you should definitely know if you are into the field of interior designing. Spaceterior is very glad that it can give out many such information which can benefit the students and people around the globe.

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The Nalukettu Architecture of Kerala

The Nalukettu Architecture of Kerala



Kerala’s architecture is always unique, and it emulates a very distinct style. Their buildings display the quality of work and the skill possessed by their ancient builders. Many ancient houses in Kerala comprise of 4 rooms joined together, forming a rectangle with a yard in the middle. This construction is called the Nalukettu (four buildings) which prevailed several years back when the culture of joint family was prominent. The Nalukettu was a huge and spacious house which was built in the center of a compound with not more than one storey.

Nalukettu can be seen in the traditional homes of the privileged class where culture and rituals are considered significant. The interiors of the house were decorated with a wealth of antiques made from teak, sandalwood and mahogany.


Style of Nalukettu

Apart from the floor and foundation, the Nalukettu is designed of carved and slotted wood which has a similarity to the East Asian thatched structures. As years passed by, the coconut fronds were replaced by tiles.

The Nalukettu comprises of four blocks which are Vadakkini (northern block), Padinjattini (western block), Kizhakkini (eastern block) and Thekkini (southern block). This was exclusively designed for the upper class homestead. One of the distinctive features it had was the rooms of the ‘salas’ which formed shady verandas. This made the room cooler and secured the rooms from direct sunlight. The southern & northern verandahs are enclosed, whereas the eastern & western verandahs are left open. Depending on the position of the Nalukettu, entrances to the building were provided.

It is a traditional saying that when the rooms are designed inside a Nalukettu, bedrooms should be in the western or southern side and the kitchen should be placed in the northern or eastern side.‘Poomukham’ also known as the central veranda is made more appealing by adding trellis and architectural pillars.


The Nalukettu Evolution

It is to be noted that the Nalukettu is an expansion of the concept of ‘sala’ in the Indian Science of Architecture. A ‘sala’ is referred to a rectangular living room which consists one or two veranda’s.

Firstly, a single unit house also called as ‘akashala’ was built for the people in the lower caste. Another L-shaped hall was added to the ‘akashala’ which resulted in a two-structured house called ‘dwissala.’ Considering the strength of the family and economic advancement, a third structure was added to the building. This was a three sided open ended square known as the ‘thrissala.’ As time passed by, the fourth side was also built which led to the Nalukettu.


Tradition of Nalukettu

The Thatchans were trained architect-painters who were well versed in the science of ‘Vaastushastra’ and they were the reason behind Nalukettu being preserved.

Interior Designing is a fascinating form of art which comprises not only of modern creativity but also traditional artistry. The Nalukettu Architecture of Kerala is a concrete example and proves to be a unique space.

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How to design your living room ?

How to design your living room ?


Your living room is one of the spaces where you hang out the most. If it looks cramped or messed, you’ll feel very irritated to spend time there. With just smart styling, you can make your living room look completely different than what it was. Let us look at some points to design your living room,


Painting your walls and floors white can lit up the area as it looks fascinating than most colours. With white all over the space, coloured furniture can make the area look big and spacious. You can also augment the area by adding a gallery wall with wide-matted art and white frames.


Creativity should be the priority when the area looks small. The thought of pushing all the furnitures up the walls can be avoided to implement something different. The area will look wider if you have space behind the furniture. One such example could be the desk, where you can turn it into a dining table.


Everyone wants to feel cozy and comfortable while resting and that’s exactly what is needed in a living room. Keeping seating close together and having a soft rug can do a world of good. Choosing a large rug in bold pattern can also be of great impact to your room.

Light Curtains

A small living room can be scaled up in size by having light curtains which help in maximising the light. If you are able to match it to the wall color, then the entire space will look much better and bigger. Similarly, if you are able to hang the curtains above a window, it can add height and airiness to the room. Using extra fabric can make the room complete.

Dramatic Colours

The backdrop can be made classy by adding dark and glossy walls. If you have a small space, you can use to it to your advantage by adding dramatic colours which makes it unique and different

Smart Lighting

Select lighting that can be hung or attached to the walls which can save floor space.


Make sure you use artwork to expand the size of the room, which will look amazing to your eye. A gallery wall might consume space for a small area but it can also make the area look bigger.

These are some of the methods to design your living room. Implementing these methods can make your living room look spacious, colourful and cozy for you to relax and take rest.


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How to use Sketchup for Interior Design ?

How to use Sketchup for Interior Design ?

SketchUp is an 3D modeling application that helps you to edit 2D and 3D models. It is a program used for a wide range of 3D modeling projects like interior design, architecture, video game design etc. It’s push and pull method is a very easy tool for the users as it allows the designers to extrude any flat surface into 3D Shapes.

The software has surface rendering and aids third-party plugins. The software has all the applications inbuilt like interior design, landscaping etc. As far as interior designers are concerned, SketchUp is the most easy and extensive tool for their use as it eases their work. They have the luxury of creating all the designs without much hazzles as all the tools are present in the software and this is the reason SketchUp got more users.

Currently, SketchUp is widely used by interior designers and architects as it proves to be very easy to use and the 3D generation and views are easy when compared to other softwares like 3D’s Max and Revit. The VRay plugin inbuilt in it produces realistic renders which makes it widely acceptable.

You can easily tell that SketchUp is the most flexible tool for use as you can build anything you like, to any scale, any dimensions, metric or imperial measurements with great accuracy. Visual dimensions can be added to the models and anything can be measured with a digital tape. Any kind of color, text can be added and you can clad or render models in any material from SketchUp.

Therefore, SketchUp proves to be very helpful map making building and interior designing which makes the users life very flexible and easy.

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