Workshop at KCG College of Technology

50 students of KCG engineering college from the Civil Department attended our Workshop ‘SPACEMAKER’. Students got involved in a lot of interactive activities and took part in group exercises in the making of the interiors of ‘a Submarine’, ‘an Aircraft’ and ‘the Metro’..  

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Pongal Celebration @ Spaceterior

Students celebrated “The Pongal – The Festival Celebrating Prosperity” at Spaceterior. India is a land whose primary occupation is agriculture. Changes in season thus play a very important role for Indian farmers. Their lifestyles and celebrations are exclusively linked to the seasonal landmarks in an year. Different arts and architecture of the South was the topic […]

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Grand Finale of Interio Photo Fest 2013

A Grand Finale of the Interio photo fest 2013 was held at Spaceterior. A shortlisted 50 candidates of the fest was invited. Mr. AKV Sridhar., An Associate Architect and Managing Director of Shankar Associates, was our chief guest of the day. This fest aims to bring together students from several different colleges on a single […]

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