Benefits of Preferring Interior Designing Courses

Interior Designing is a field of uniqueness and creativity where an individual visualizes the adorned area. Everybody thinks of a career in Interior Designing because of the artistry involved. It should also be noted that the students of the current generation have started picking Interior Designing as their profession.


An individual can be exceptional in understanding textures and placement of home decor, but it is not enough to cause an impact in Interior Designing. The individual should be able to use technical drawings, interior designing tools and advertise their services to cause an effect in such a competitive field.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons to choose an Interior Designing Course.

Career Prospect

The Career prospects of Interior designing are evolving rapidly because of the home owners who desire luxurious, unique and creative homes. Their want of adding aesthetics to their house has grown tremendously. Hence, choosing interior designing as your career is an excellent option.

Lead the way

The duties of an interior designer are far more distinct when compared to the regular office goers. Nobody wants to sit inside an office and work all day. This is why Interior designers love their job as they have a mixed exposure of working inside and outside the office. Moreover you are the boss here, and you don’t need to follow any rules.

Getting Exposed

The exposure you get in Interior Designing is amazing because of the profession’s nature. Having a career in this field directs you to work with engineers, architects and also lets you interact with several clients from unique industries. This can augment your career as you can get knowledge on various subjects.


Interior Designing is a field where you can test your creativity and technical skills. You’ll have to face many projects that have different infrastructures such as office spaces, restaurants, bar, etc. This can be a challenge for every interior designer but it will also have a big impact on their grown as an interior designer.


Doing something you want to do can make you feel completely satisfied because of the love and effort you put into it. After all, bringing positive changes to people’s home is genuinely a rewarding job.


Interior Designing doesn’t stop at one point as you need to constantly develop your knowledge and re-create designs which are fresh and attractive. If your work is creative and peculiar, people will get more attracted to it.

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Colours and Interior Design

Colours and Interior Design


Color, on the whole is very vast subject and without its presence the whole world would seem distinct in everyone’s eyes. That is the power and influence, color has in this world. In every field, Color plays a major role but in Interior Designing, it is a decisive element that is very imperative.


Several sequence of colors in your residence can actually portray varied shades of emotions such as intimacy, confort, drama etc. These emotions are inbuilt in our DNA and that’s why we respond to these different various colours within environment. The basic two types of colors or tones are Warm and cool. Cool colors like blue imbues a harmonious and placid environment whereas warm colors like red can give you the adrenaline rush instantaneously in the atmosphere.


According to the rooms in the house, the Interior Designer and the proprietor of the house should pick the combination of colors. It is said that there are more than 10 million identifiable colors in this world and the technology driven scenario has put forwards more series of colors. Some common colors acts as the base for any given combination and those colors are:


Blue: The color Blue is referred to calm and composure because of the color of water as it proposes a deep sense of harmony and contentment. In contrast to these characteristics, blue also indicates abundant and vast energy. Blue is also the most popular color in the world.


Red: Red signifies the color of blood, menace and aggression. It portrays leadership, focus and desire as the color of blood expresses lot of emotions and sentiments.  


Green: Green represents energy, hope, enthusiasm and implacable emotions. The aura of the color green signifies money and if you’re someone who desires success then you should have green around you. Contrasting to this, the mixture of green and blue proposes balance and stability in life.


Yellow: Yellow is a balanced color and a blend of warm and cool tones. This colour exhibits and evokes happiness, delight, knowledge, calmness and enthusiasm.


Pink: The color Pink is usually identified as a feminine color and exposes unconditional affection and love, intimacy and passion. Newly married couples can showcase pink color to ignite love around them and the older couples can use pink to reinduce their beautiful memories and emotions. On the whole, Pink is love and love defines life.


Purple: Purple defines creation, artistry and experiments as it provides you with a wonderful atmosphere of imagination. It indicates opinions and beliefs that propose the possibilities of life.


Orange: The color Orange helps in betterment of mood such as emotions like depression, anxiety etc. It exhibits optimistic beliefs and motivation that can elevate an individual’s mood and emotion. The Interior Designers use this color to ignite positive emotions across the residence. The combination of Purple and Orange is considered to be dynamic for ingenious individuals.


Hence, the power and contribution of colors in the field of Interior Designing is immense and without colors, Interior Designing will decease because of its importance.


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Major Differences Between Interior Designers & Interior Decoraters

Interior Designers and Interior Decorators do have major differences between them and each field is quite varied though they sound the same. In fact, people confuse themselves with the thought of Interior Designing and Interior Decoration being the same which is definitely not akin. The personal interest and mental communication involved in Interior Designing is definitely much more than Interior Decorating.

The artistic skill of creating working spaces to beautifying and furnishing spaces is the basic difference that they feature between them. The qualities that Interior Decorators possess can also be possessed by Interior Designers but the same can’t be said vice-versa for the fact that their functional properties have their particular traits.

Interior Decoration involves adorning a working space by embellishing the decor but the effort required both mentally and physically is comparatively less because of the properties Interior Designing possess such as creativity in conceiving a whole working space in their mind and planning it for action.

Both, Interior Designers and Interior Decorators require formal training to perform in a proficient flair but since creativity is involved in the vision, formal training is just an added advantage. Though Interior Decorators need no certification and qualifies mostly by his own genuine uniqueness, as said earlier professional training gives a lot more proficient knowledge and an Interior Decorators may choose to work on either residential or commercial projects unlike an Interior Designers. But, when it comes to Interior Designing, being certified at a repute Interior Designing Institute is very crucial for the one’s devising a career in this field.

The aesthetic appeal to an spatial area is given through Interior Designing whereas the Interior Decoration involves in garnishing and gracing the spatial area. An Interior designer involves himself in interpreting the nuances of the domicile so that, the designs go hand in hand to the plan. He takes full responsibility in ensuring amendments for sound, lighting and other primary requirements so that when the building gets completed, all the required properties are present inside the building as per the vision of the designer or the residents.

The role of an Interior Decorator materialises when the construction is completed and he enables the vision of the residents by enhancing the outlook and feel of the interiors by showcasing his skills. Interior Decorating skills involve flooring, furnishings, accessories and colours that are crucial in a decorative aspect.

Though Interior Decorators research and analyze on similar things as Interior Designers, the roles aren’t similar and doesn’t involve installing services, moving walls and planning utility and safety etc. This is really the main difference as the Interior Decorators are exclusively concerned with decorating the built spatial areas.

These are the essential and fundamental differences between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators which can differ the two functionally.

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Demand for Interior Designers

Demand for Interior Designers


 The Demand in case of any field is present according to its requirement and the growth of that particular occupation. As far as Interior Designing is concerned, the ingenious skills required is prominent because of the field that demands creativity. An Interior Designer should definitely believe in his vision which helps his work being productive and evolves his sense of style. From understanding the colours and lighting aspects  to designing an entire building, being an Interior Designer can be quite solitary because of all the innovation booming up.

The recent years have helped in the surge of Interior Designers due to the vast escalation in residential and commercial spaces. People are looking out to make their spaces innovative, functional and prioritize comfortability which is the reason for the demand for Interior Designers. Though the occupation doesn’t have a fixed schedule, the Interior Designers do reap fruitful amount of work because of the emphasis people give on the design and pattern of their working and residential space.

The reason for the rise of career opportunities is growing population which ultimately leads to increase in residential and commercial places. Due to the Interior Designers having their own preferences working according to their styles, the career opportunities are splurging as well. Some prefer residential designing while some prefer to work on commercial spaces and public buildings.

The criteria for becoming an Interior Designer, unlike other occupations doesn’t require formal training but  undergoing courses helps in understanding the ethics of the field and to stand out among others. But essentially, the basic criteria required is a good portfolio and creativity which more or less helps you out while planning out your visualization.

Though the crux of Interior Designing involves colors, fabrics and furnitures; there is lot more to Interior Designing which definitely looks lot more like work. The knowledge of the structural integrity of buildings, building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD) does contribute largely to your vision of Design.

The process for an Interior Designer is very calculated because of the amount of time the designer needs to prepare before they execute what they have in their mind. They’ll have to meet the client’s requirements as well as design according to the building regulations through proper research and a calculative budget.

The future prospects of career opportunities in Interior Designing looks really promising and the job percentage is expected to grow at a rapid pace because the opportunities has become lot more vast like designing malls, cinema halls, hospitals, gyms, restaurants etc. Further, they will have to communicate with effective workers to help execute his vision of the space.

Therefore, the demand for Interior Designers has increased over the years and currently it is one of the most fruitful careers for the ones who depend on their artistic flair.


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Industrial Visit to Tisva Lights

You could have the best interior decoration in the world but unless you have made provisions to light it; it could disappear into oblivion. Tisva goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed with love to illuminate contemporary homes. Tisva is an addition to the diversified portfolio of Usha […]

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Industrial Tour to Choolai High Road!

Students are taken to an Industrial tour to prominent showrooms like Ultra Veneers, Kwality, AR Hardware and Modular Kitchen showrooms in Choolai high road. They got a chance to survey and get an insight on the current trends and materials. Designer MDF Boards, Laminates, Micas, Wallpapers, Hardwares and Kitchen accessories are some of products taken […]

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