10 Of the Most Unusual Homes in the World

10 Of the Most Unusual Homes in the World


                                                  Each and every individual have their own passion and the way of expressing them has a difference. Having a passion for creative homes is very rare and unique. It is not an easy task as well as it requires lot of efficiency, creativity and hard work. Although most homes are creative, some stand out from the lot.


Brooklyn Clock Tower Home, New York City

Brooklyn Clock Tower Home is one of the most expensively build homes. It is located at the top of Brooklyn’s Clock Tower and is a 7,000 square foot penthouse which presents some of the best views in the New York City.


Transparent House in Tokyo, Japan

Natural daylight in the house is the most unique feature in the place. This is a house for nature lovers as it is completely transparent and sunlight is all over. Though there is no privacy, the beauty of nature would make go wow. It was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects and is said to be inspired by our ancestors who lived in trees.


Giant Seashell House, Mexico

Architects at Arquitectura Organica built this amazing huge seashell shaped house for a family of four in the city of Mexico. It is said that they were inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright and Gaudi’s traces can be seen in the use of coloured glasses on the exterior of the house.


The Flintstones House, California

This house is very unique and distinct just because of the simple fact that this was created as a replica of the house owned by the Flintstones family from the famous cartoon show in 1960’s. It is a home inspired by pop culture and said to be costing around 3.5 million.


Skateboard House, California

If you’re a fan of skating, then this is a definite place for you to visit. It is made exclusively for the skateboard fanatics. The entire house is designed like one big skateboarding rink. Former pro-skating world champion Pierre Andre Senizergues designed this place.


Hobbit House, Wales

This house would give you a clear indication that the creator was a huge Lord of the Rings fan. Straight outta Hobbiton, this house was created by a photographer. The unique characteristic here is that this house was built with only natural materials and just costed 5200 dollars.


The Keret House, Poland

It is the world’s slimmest house and is just 152 centimetres wide. The resident in the hose was eventually the designer of the place as well. His name is Jakub Szczesny and he wanted to make sure no urban spaces went unused. The most funniest fact is that he squeezed his house between the gap of two other buildings.


Old Water Tower, Belgium

A very strange insight to this building is that it was not only used for water storage but also used as a Nazi hideout during the Second World War. Bham Design Studio, a Belgian Design firm made a plan to turn this amazing 100 foot high tower into a very comfortable and luxurious house. Eventually, it became one of the talked houses in the world.


Dumpster Home, New York city

Gregory Kloehn, a designer from California, turned an old dumpster into a home for himself. Although the size is small, he’s got everything in there that’s needed to live in the house. He’s got some storage space, a microwave oven, a fridge and even a toilet.


The Steel House, Texas

This house was built in Lubbock, Texas over a period of 23 years and it’s creator was Robert Bruno. He originally wanted it to be a one storey building but he kept adding on and on. Currently, it is a huge building which has 3 separate levels and looks like a giant steel pig. He made sure he got this view so that he could get incredible views of the Ransom Canyon below.

The above 10 are the most unusual homes in the world and is said to have created a buzz among people with their unique characteristics. Spaceterior feels that interior design plays a major factor in all these amazing places and that’s the reason they take immense pleasure in teaching lovely techniques to people who are passionate about interior designing.







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Autocad vs Sketchup? Which one is easier to use?

Autocad vs Sketchup? Which one is easier to use?



Autocad & SketchUp have their own pros and cons in their respective areas. Both are considered to be easy by the individuals who work within their intended uses. So first, let’s give you all a clear picture on these softwares. Autocad is used as a 2D drafting environment tool whereas SketchUp isn’t much of a 2D tool. SketchUp is a very effective 3D modeling tool for people who are into designing and operate buildings.

Both the softwares have their own advantages and people find them easier according to their accessibility. Autocad includes a good collection of 3D modeling tools while SketchUp is easier to learn and use for a long period of time. Now let’s look at some points which make the difference,



Sketch is comparatively inexpensive to Autocad and has modeling programs that are easy to use. It is to be noted that Google also has a free version of SketchUp which contains all essential design tools. On the other hand, Autocad is considered to be expensive, compared to SketchUp.  



Autocad should be preferred over Sketchup if the need to produce photorealistic images arises. Autocad’s rendering engine can simulate shadows, a wide variety of lighting scenarios and many other facets of optical phenomena from the real world whereas Sketchup renderings project shadows and presentation- quality graphics.



SketchUp does not allow the users to create NURBS surfaces but Autocad does. NURBS surfaces are very smoother than the surfaces composed of polygons. These can be used to model organic, natural forms, such as flora and fauna and other objects that are of the straight lines. Modeling with NURBS involves posting control points in 3D space, and adjusting tangent handles of those points.



Autocad is a very flexible program when compared to SketchUp and the toolset that it comprises is so large that it has multiple workspaces, including those for 3D modeling and basic drafting projects. But SketchUp is the program to get if you need to create designs quickly and use it with ease. The Inference Engine in SketchUp makes it easy to use as it guesses what you’re trying to design based on your mouse movements.This feature guesses what you’re trying to design based on your mouse movements and is highly accurate. By contrast, AutoCAD requires you to explicitly indicate the axis of rotation by clicking an axis.


File Formats

Sketchup is easy to import whereas Autocad is quite fussy. The program will only load the designs made with Autocad but Sketchup’s characteristics to load even Autocad files makes it unique.

On the whole, This blog could give you an exact scene on what is better and easier to use. Though both have amazing features, SketchUp could just take the lead just because of the easy approach. We at Spaceterior, also stress on the importance of software and tools for Interior Design to make your life easier.


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   How did home automation become a turning point in interior design ?

        How did home automation become a turning point in interior design ?


Interior Designing has been a unique field where people look forward to working on it. People want the designs to create a peaceful, relaxed ambience and think about incorporating a gorgeous style in their space.

It’s a dream for everybody to want to live in a fascinating space that also provides comfort. There are many factors that impact functionality and your personal comfort level in the home, and being able to control these action enhances your comfort and convenience.

This is the reason home automation has been considered to make a large impact on interior design. Currently, the modern interior design plan include home automation as well.

Home Automation

Before incorporating home automation in interior designing, it is very important to know about the functionalities of such future tech.

Today’s home automation systems give you the ability to control almost every component of ambience with ease like home automation for controlling light, climate, music and even  TV.

With all these features coming with a touch on your smartphone, it has become very accessible for the users and made them luxurious.

Innovative options for Home Automation

The modern home automation technology is so user friendly that even houses with the most classic decor can enhance their design schemes with the available tech.

Every single and small action can be controlled with a touch in your smartphone and that’s the growth of the technology. For example, controlling the intensity of the light in the room to the temperature, entertainment gadgets etc.

The home automation app also can help in detecting any movement in the night and give you complete security. . While more advanced systems may have a higher initial investment for the homeowner, they can drastically improve the homeowner’s living experience.

Most homeowners, want to create a lovely interior design but home décor is also about your comfort and convenience. Though you want all the different and fascinating interior designs, you would also want your space to be peaceful and not too clumsy.

With home automation, everything becomes very easy as you can have your wishes come true with implementing whatever you want in your house.


How Interior Designers Meet Clients’ Needs for Automation

It is always very important to know the needs of the clients and most interior designers get the information and plan accordingly.

The design plans for the homeowner will be customized based on the features that is required for the homeowner to control with ease. Adjustable dimmer switches, smart thermostats, automated blinds and other features will then be included in the design along with the automation system itself.

Home Automation is like a boon for homeowners as all their dreams can come true and there will be no restrictions. Interior designers are also implementing the necessary needs of the homeowners which evolves into a win-win situation for both. Spaceterior presents to you this lovely combination of interior designing and home automation for you to have a thoroughly luxurious life.


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DIY Hacks for Interior Decoration

DIY Hacks for Interior Decoration


Interior Decoration is a very cool act and some of the hacks which are going to be listed will definitely adorn the look of your home. These hacks will show you how you can make your home more practical and functional or how you can repurpose things. These can be fun and interesting as well as give a new look for your home.

Hanging your curtains with rope

Using ropes made of Jute can give a naval look to your interior decor as they result in providing a unique outlook to the area. They can also be used to hang your curtains or make rope tiebacks.

Painting the door

Painting the sides of the door with vibrant colors can give an subtle touch to the room. This can be a surprising and delightful idea.

Teapots to Vases

Teapots are some of the cute items which are adored by many. Turning them into vases with lovely shapes can make your house look embellished.

Decorate doors with ceiling medallions

Decorating your doors in home with medallions can be something unique. These can be used as elegant decorations and can be centred around the door knobs.

Painting the drawers and walls partially

Painting the sides of the drawers is another great way to add a unique touch to your space. Similarly, if you paint the walls of a room partially and leave a portion blank, it will make your room appear spacious and distinct. It’s a simple and neat trick you can use if your home has low ceilings.

Hanging a mirror behind a lamp

This hack allows you to make the room appear bigger and brighter. Using this hack in your living room or bedroom can make a difference as it will be different.

Decorate furnitures with nail head trim and marble contract paper

Decorating the furnitures like tables, chairs and sofas with nail head trim makes the accent piece look adorned. Marble contact paper or wallpaper can be used to decorate furnitures as it gives a unique look to the piece.

Using the window as a headboard

Beds are not usually placed in front of windows and this provides you with the interesting opportunity of using the window as a headboard. The curtains will add a nice touch if they exist.

Making a pom-pom rug

A pom-pom rug is a pretty simple project and can be used to embellish the bathroom or the entryway. You can even make a large pom-pom rug for your bedroom or living room to make it look better.

Decorating a wall with tape

Tapes can be used in much more ways and adorning a wall with it is definitely a good idea. In fact, painter’s tape can be used in a similar way and can make small individual decorations in key places.

Make your own light fixture

Though the ways to create elaborate chandeliers and stylish lamps are present, making your own simple light fixture like hanging a light bulb with a nice-looking cord can look normal but different.

Poke holes in a dark lampshade

If you have a lamp with a dark shade you can’t see through, then you can poke holes in it and create an interesting design. It will become visible at night, when you turn on the lamp. The result will be whimsical.

The above DIY hacks are some of the many that can make your home look great. Spaceterior presents all the interior design lovers a great opportunity to learn about all this by coming on board with us.


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How to Re-design your Home ?

How to Re-design your Home ?

                   Redesigning homes is not tough like before as the technology over the years has made this art easier. Since the internet also has a dynamic impact in today’s scenario, the redesigning of one’s house has paved an easier path.


Ideas are very important when you need to redesign your house and they can be inspired or your own thought. Some Ideation tools like Zillow Digs allow you to access tens of thousands of home renovation projects and lets you choose from that to redesign your house. Apps like these is a great way to boost your creativity.

Color Balance and Material

Selecting the right materials and colors for the exterior of your home is important as the right combination will help your design get together. When choosing the colors, selecting a single color strip from two shades can make your house look perfect. For the hover or other small areas, you can use the third color to give a contrast accent to your space.


Everybody should know about the difference between cost and value before they redesign or renovate their spatial areas. So, some technology platforms ensure you get the right value on your home redesign which is a major boost for you.


Landscaping plays an major role in augmenting the look of the house as they improve the appeal of your area. Just take a photo of your property and then choose from more than 12,000 objects, from fountains,bushes,trees which suit your place.

Good Contractor

The most important thing while redesigning your home is to find a good and reputable contractor to help you remodel your home like what you want and that too with quality. You can even check other online reviews before choosing and asking them to work on your home.


Some platform offers contractors detailed exterior measurements of your home that they can use to quickly provide you with a fair and accurate estimate. If your contractor isn’t already using it, bring them into the know on time- and cost-saving apps which are available on the internet. These apps gives you a chance to make sure that your ideas are in sync with your contractor. It can be difficult, costly, and perhaps even impossible to make changes once construction has begun so the sooner you can get on the same page, the better the project will turn out.

There are many ways to redesign your house and some of the best have been identified and presented you in this blog. Spaceterior focuses on such projects and helps people redesign, renovate and even design their homes on a completely amazing quality.

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