Getting Started

For all those who are inclined towards beautiful spaces and love to create fascinating & appealing areas, all you need to do is just this…

Grab an opportunity to learn and be an interior designer!

All Courses that we offer at Spaceterior campus:

  1. Master Diploma in Interior Design – 1 year
  2. Diploma in Interior Design for Civil Engineers – 6 Months
  3. Certification in Virtual Interior Design – 3 Months
  4. Certification in Interior Design & Decor – 1 Month

The Master Diploma Program gives you a career in the field of Interior Designing, and the duration of the course is just 1 year. This program allows you to develop a skill set that compliments your creative vision, so you can excel in interior designing. The program introduces you to design principles, color theory, space planning, drafting and industry-standard softwares.

Students learn to create beautiful and effective residential, commercial, and industrial designs. Graduates of this program will have developed a portfolio to showcase their designs.

It is very simple to get started…

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