Space, lighting and design can influence how people feel, think, work, and relate to each other. Interior design is a rewarding and creative career that allows you to bring beauty and function into the lives of others.

The program introduces students to design principles, color theory, space planning, drafting and industry-standard software. Students learn to create beautiful and effective residential, commercial, industrial and public space designs and layouts. Graduates of this program will have developed a portfolio to showcase their designs, and will be prepared to have a mindset of an interior designer, planner, project manager or design consultant.

Course Details

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Classes on 3 days/week, with each class for 2 hours
  • 1 Mini Project
  • Complete Theory & Practicals
  • CAD and Modeling Softwares
  • Portfolio Development


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • AutoCAD
  • Google Sketch-up

Entry Requirements

  • School Student Class 10+ pass
  • Able to understand & communicate in English
  • No previous design experience required
Spaceterior Membership and Accreditations

Course Structure

Total Hours: 168 Hours

Paper 1: History of Architecture
Paper 2: Design Studio
Paper 3: Architectural Drawing & Graphics
Paper 4: Building Materials & Components
Paper 5: Photoshop, CAD & 3D Softwares
Paper 6: Mini Project

Who should do this course?

If you have completed your Class 10 (pass), and you are inclined towards designing beautiful spaces, this course could be for you.

Upon successful completion of this Course, you can…

  • Create a Portfolio of your designs
  • Ability to design your own home/office/campus
  • Describe elements of design
  • Define decorating styles
  • Describe types of flooring to consider when designing
  • Describe methods for decorating walls and ceilings
  • Describe techniques for decorating windows
  • Describe ways to decorate with furniture
  • Summarize rules and myths when decorating a home
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at min 70% level

Students would be receiving a Certificate in Interior Design & Decor towards the completion of the course.

Spaceterior – Ultimate School of Design

We ignite and nurture the spark in every creative mind and channelize it towards Interior Designing.

Spaceterior was started in the year 2011 to give a wholesome learning experience with part-time Diploma courses in Interior Design. It is headquartered with a beautiful campus in Chennai, and accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and MSME. We have trained more than 800 students during the last 10 years, and associated with several colleges and organizations.

We host architects, designers, engineers, professional artists and other industry guests for our lectures. Students will have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to celebrate while learning. We often engage students with site visits, case study, market survey, guest lecture and panel discussions.

What our students say…

Our Campus

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At our WebRTC-based Virtual Classroom, we teach you LIVE with a high-resolution transmission, echo-free audio and eLearning tools such as online whiteboard, polling and live chat.

We replicate the classroom experience with a feature-rich multi-tabbed online whiteboard.

You can collaborate using live chat, live video stream, screen and application sharing, breakout rooms and polling features

We use web Solutions for student collaboration, assignment submissions, and coursework distribution.