Interior Design at Loyola College

Loyola College and Spaceterior collaborate for the first time to present an all-new course supported by strong curriculum for career growth.

In first of its kind strategic partnership with Loyola Institute of Vocational Education (LIVE), we offer Diploma in Architecture & Interior Design. The course is supported by site visits, case study, market survey, research seminar, guest lecture and panel discussions. Admissions open till end July.

Get a perfect learning ambiance at Loyola college and Spaceterior campus.

We’re growing fast with more than 350 students graduating from our courses last year at LIVE.

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Why Choose us?

  • Innovative Curriculum - Tailored for Loyola College format
  • Faculty and Guest Speakers are all Architects
  • Top Notch Infrastructure at Loyola college and Spaceterior. See it yourself!
  • Placement Assistance & Career Service with our partners
  • Industrial Visits and Workshops. Check our News section
  • Importantly, have FUN while learning. More on our Facebook page

We have got faculty and staff members - introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains, all working hard to shape your career in Interior Design.

What to Expect

  • The courses consists of theory lessons, design workshops and creativity enhancing activities
  • Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real-world industry
  • Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice
  • Training is imparted for computer aided designing
  • Course duration spans 1 year with 5 classes per week (2pm - 5pm)
  • Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum
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We are here for you

Our in-house staff sits on the front lines, helping students create designs for submission and make the most of their course. Our faculty members who are also Architects by profession are constantly innovating, collaborating, and discovering things.

And behind the scenes, we’ve got our CEO and human resources professionals at Loyola College keeping the wheels turning. We thoughtfully get the right students to enroll, because we’re building their dream.

We encourage our students to grow in their current roles and dream about what's next. They have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to celebrate while learning.


  • One year was very useful, and we  gained a lot of knowledge. Every faculties were helpful to us in their own ways. Atmosphere very friendly.

  •                   The first thing you realize about Spaceterior is the reason you are there in the first place. The institute is warmly done with creative interiors which is reason enough to kindle the purpose of your visit. They do offer flexible courses at a very good package . Whether you have an art and design based background or not, you will find the courses and the instructors, help shape your mind to be creative and explode the multitude of design facets. Provision for Industrial visits , workshops and implant trainings are aplenty. They are open to any feedback and evolve successfully towards the growth of the institute. It is an added bonus to the ones who are pursuing their career as an Interior Designer like I am . They also provide with placements and I had landed myself a job which has now boosted my career . Happy to be a part of this institute and would always recommend to the ones who are passionate in this field. Wishing you the best of luck Spaceterior!

    Priyanka V
  • This one year course has been very helpful. We gained a lot theory wise knowledge. The faculties were really good and very helpful. They guide us in every step.

    Namratha Jhabakh
  • It is a wonderful experience studying here. The course is very creative and it gives you a better viewpoint on creativity and also helps me in making or decorating my own space or house. I really enjoyed the course.

    Dinesh Babu D
  • The Course was a good platform for learning more about interior Designing and gave a good exposure towards the creative side. It is interactive and knowledgeable and it helped me assure myself that I can be a good designer in the future. Faculty and management thought many things and they helped me showing a path to the future.

    Depak Karthick

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